Hello! My names Conar, I have this small issue where I tend to float on the border between INFP and ENFP. Because when I had first taken the test my I and E score were exactly the same. So just wondering what i'm supposed to do with this information, just pick the one that relates the most to me? I genuinely align myself with ENFP, but am just curious of some answers to this.


lexie.white says...

Hi Conar!

I am an INTP, but I know an ENFP and an INFP, and although they are very similar in some ways, there are definitely some distinctive differences that set them apart. I usually maintain the fact that almost nobody in the world is either 100% extraverted or introverted - nobody wants to be around people ALL the time, nor do most people ever want to be alone ALL the time. Rather, I believe we are all ambiverts, somewhere between extraversion and introversion. With MBTI, however, introversion and extraversion means something different than what we stereotypically think of when we hear these distinctions.

Extraversion means that you gain energy from other people. Introversion means you gain energy from being by yourself. However, even this is somewhat vague and can be a difficult question to answer.

In MBTI, the E or I at the beginning of your type is really primarily significant of your cognitive functions. Here is a question to ask yourself when considering whether you are and ENFP or an INFP: Are you more preoccupied with ideas and concepts, always thinking about a hundred possibilities and looking at every possible angle of an idea? Then you're an ENFP. ENFPs have DOMINANT extraverted intuition, which basically means they live in their realm of ideas and possibilities and will often project these whacky ideas onto their friends and peers (think Phoebe from 'Friends'). Now, if that isn't you, you might be an INFP. INFP's dominant function is introverted feeling. This basically means that all their lives, INFPs are striving to find meaning with their emotions and the world around them. They like to draw into themselves and analyze how they feel and internalize them quite well - this makes them highly in-tune with their own feelings as well as other's. They also have very, very, VERY strong morals and opinions, and if these are challenged they will defend them tooth and nail. Be careful when questioning an INFP's moral integrity or trying to tell them that their favourite fandom is awful. However, INFPs at the very core of their being want to find intrinsic meaning. This is what separates ENFPs from INFPs. INFPs also tend to need a lot of time to themselves just to figure out the complicated mass of confusing emotions they have locked up inside of them, and they are reluctant to share these emotions. However, it is also said to be that ENFPs are the most introverted of the extraverted family, and this is largely due to the fact that they also have introverted feeling, however it is their SECOND most used function as opposed to their first.

So, there you have it! Remember, you need not confine yourself specifically to one type. I find myself mediating between INTP and INFP a lot of the time, and in my opinion there's nothing wrong with that. MBTI is here more as a guideline than a dogmatic description of what you have to be. I really hope I helped you to unlock your personality type! If you have any questions at all about the various cognitive functions or anything of the kind, contact me! My tumblr is siriusly-aragorn :)


Suzanna............ (not verified) says...

Hi Conar! I was in the same exact situation as you (I knew I was an xNFP). Each personality type has two main cognitive functions (four in all). In the case of xNFPs, the main two functions are Ne (extraverted Intuition) and Fi (introverted feeling). Extraverted Intuition is characterized by a breezy air of open-mindedness, lots of curiosity toward the external world, good problem solving skills using immense creativity, a fun-loving/easy-going attitude, linguistic articulation, extremely unconventional lifestyles, general weirdness (both good and bad) and unwillingness toward being judgmental. Introverted Feeling is mostly displayed by individuals who are caring, well-meaning, romantic, philosophical (mostly only when combined with Ne though), introspective, sensitive, sentimental and often very artistic. There is an order of functions, though. The dominant (1st) function is the one that is the most obvious and the one that guides you the most. The auxiliary function (2nd) is the one that compliments the dominant function and determines the orientation. ENFPs use Ne first and Fi second, while Fi is the dominant function and Ne is the auxiliary function of INFPs. After a while, I figured out that I was an ENFP. While several people make note of my artistic nature first, it is my only Fi quality that is as dominant as my Ne qualities are. First try to figure out which one of the two other people mostly first notice about you.

Another thing to make note of is that one other personality type will always share your dominant function. ENTPs have ENFPs' dominant Ne and ISFPs have INFPs' dominant Fi. Try to figure out if you're closer to being an ENTP or an ISFP. I, for example, was almost tied between my F and T, but had a distinct preference for N above S. That makes me much closer to being an ENTP. Since ENTPs and ENFPs both share a dominant Ne and I can also relate to Ne better, I figured out that I was an ENFP. But, if your preferential difference between F and T is much greater than it is between S and N and you can relate to Fi better, you're probably more like ISFPs, making you an INFP... I hope I helped... Good luck typing yourself!

trayjaytucker says...

Conar - You don't have to necessarily fit into a one size fits all box. I always come up as either ENFP or INFP - always one or the other. And it's because my percentage on the introvert vs extrovert scale is bang slap in the middle. And this plays out in life too. I have a very difficult time with it because of this issue. I am not categorically either. It's maybe that this is your issue too. You aren't necessarily in one camp or the other, it's perfectly possible to swing between the two both mentally and physically. Just as it's possible to have smatterings of other personality types in your make up. Don't feel you have to choose something that doesn't totally embody you, accept instead that you may be 'on the cusp' so to speak :-) - er, but then an INFP would say something like that, wanting you to be true to yourself and authentic!

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