OK so I recently took all the personality tests (besides the one that cost money) and I can't find my type. For the results it said I was borderline for all the different types. It could not place me so it put me in all...... Could anyone help me to narrow the types down.?all help is appreciated


Bartholomew (not verified) says...

Each category represents a psychological preference. For example I split between Judging and Perceiving for my extraverted function. Meaning that when I am engaging the external world, I both make decisions (J) and collect information (P) without an overall preference for either. Thus, in terms of "types," both the INFJ and the INFP descriptions can be fitting for me depending on the circumstance. If you are split in multiple categories, it just means that for that category, your preference will be situationally dependent and what type fits you best will depend on circumstance.

Natalie9 (not verified) says...

I'm a strong INP with an almost borderline F/T. (60% F, 40% T) I use both F and T functions. For the longest time, I thought I was an INTP because I tend to be logical and I can make calculated decisions based on fact. But, what I've come to realize is that unlike strong Ts, I always look at the emotional aspect first and then I dissect it from a logical perspective. How does this make me or someone else feel? Why is that? Does it make sense in the context of what is going on? What can I do to shift it if it's not helping a situation. And so on. I see you are listed as an INFP.

The emotional part is always there and I am extremely empathetic. I will choose to support the emotional side unless it is detrimental in some way. But, I can make hard decisions if I need to...even though I prefer not to.

I've just realized recently that I am an INFP. I always thought that Fs rely completely on emotion to make decisions . Partly based on what I've read and partly because I know some people that appear to have strong emotions and not any apparent logic. So, I hadn't considered that I might be an F. But, there is definitely a range...just like everything else. And, not being inside the mind of a strong F, I can't say definitively what their perspective on that would be.

Also, as we get older, many of us expand our non dominant functions. And, we get to know ourselves better. Looking back, I can see that as a child, I was very emotional and not very logical. (I think that in a different environment, the T may have shown up more.) In my 20s, I really started to develop my T functions. It's a process... But, I think if you are borderline, it makes you more flexible in those areas. And since you can flex, it may make it easier for you to understand other types. On the other hand, it probably makes it more difficult to make decisions sometimes.

You might read through the types and see which profile feels the most right to you. Also, check through the jobs that the types gravitate towards. I fit pretty strongly into the INFP jobs and have chosen experiences in a lot of different areas: photography, writing, librarian, anthropology, counseling, graphic design and newspaper editing. As an INFP, I tend to get bored with jobs over time. Usually, when the learning portion of it slows down and it starts to become repetitious. I've been searching for the perfect career my whole adult life. I'm just starting to realize that what I actually want is a lot of different job experiences, a larger world view, a better understanding of myself and personal expansion. Meditation has been a huge part of that. INFPs tend to be very introspective and what I've read, the ones most likely to be interested in personality tests. I see you are listed as an INFP. Does any of that sound like you?

You probably scored slightly higher in some letters than others. Start there and see if that profile fits with your natural, strongest tendencies. As a person really close to the midrange on everything, you have the unique opportunity to develop many of the functions and be a very balanced person.

Abigail12 (not verified) says...

Thank you so much for putting in your effort and relating to you it makes me feel that I am not alone in this.... I actually put this in all categories to get a wide range of opinions....... I will read though a few tonight and do that for the next couple of days as it is so much writing at times... Again thank you so very much!!!

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