hi there,

wondering if there is an existing compatibility chart where to see how good the types interact with each other..
like in numerology some numbers go well together while some others do not. and its different for the 3 areas Love, Friendship and Work

this could be very handy to avoid risking dissapointments and waste of time with the wrong partner or friend.

in numerology none of the numbers match with the same number apart from number 3. 3 is the only one who goes well with another 3 in love relationships..

very mindblowing the numerology facts too!

i think combining the knowledge of both could be something useful


INFJ1961 says...

There are several online. Here's one: http://www.introextropod.com/mbti-compatibility-chart/

Not a schmuck (not verified) says...

That INFJ shared a very very wrong chart that you shouldn't even look at for laughing material. The closest thing I've come across is the socionics relationship charts, and then they actually explain why and how relationships work out or don't.

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