- I very rarely tell my emotions, in fear that people will judge me so I bottle up my feelings
- I cannot tell the truth as I do not want to hurt someone's feelings
- I often question what my purpose is in life and why I am even existing
- I struggle with school very much and often feel stupid and worthless causing me emotional pain

please reply as I am very curious to see if there are other people that think the same way as me:)


Emi (not verified) says...


Guest (not verified) says...

Hey Emi! I'm an ENFP too and at times have struggled with similar things! I do think that some of it is related to personality types and some of it is related to perhaps places of hurt from things that we've experienced in life.
- I struggled for a long time with allowing my true emotions to be exposed. As an ENFP I felt very deeply but I grew up in an environment where feelings were seen as weakness. This caused me to put up a lot of walls to protect the places where I felt so deeply but was afraid of criticism or rejection.
- As ENFPs we care deeply what other people think! We are driven to know people in real and vulnerable ways and hurting someone's feelings can make it much harder to create that depth or can even cut off deep relationships that have already been established. However, I have struggled to learn that sometimes love needs to speak the truth even when it is painful.
- ENFPs do explore and question! I always want to know more about deep and new things. I want the deeper answers, not just the facts. I want to understand things with not just my mind, but also with my heart and my soul. For me this aching to understand has only been satiated by my relationship with Jesus and knowing the deeper things of Him! I still love exploring deep thoughts and ideas but the aching to know my purpose is filled in Him. :.)
- When I was in school I struggled with similar thoughts quiet often. I had a whole lot of "Thinking" and "Judging" types around me who process and learned differently and dealt with their schedules differently. I always thought I was horrible because I wasn't as efficient with my time or struggled with pure fact memorization. The comparison to others is how I caused myself to hurt. But Emi, just know that we are all different! It's ok if you study or learn differently. Maybe classroom setting isn't even your thing! It was never mine. I always felt like I had to work harder to keep up! But that's the thing - even if you're in an environment that is not well fitted to your learning style, you can still succeed . In some ways it means that you're doing more than those around you because they may have personality styles that fit better with the classroom setting!

Keep rocking your awesome ENFP personality! :.D You are beautiful and you've got what it takes.
I'm praying for you!
- Emily

roseglasses says...

I'm new to the community. Been aware of MBTI for years.,and am very excited to find this website and blog. For me I'm ENFP and ENTP as feelings/thinking always come up with 50/50 in texts and how I approach life. Interested if others have similar close- matches?

Guest (not verified) says...

I got different indicators at different times depending on my mood/time of life. Mostly ENFP with a 53% F. I am trying to consciously change the F to a T. Do you think that's bad?

Guest (not verified) says...

These sound like common ENFP issues!

As to your first one, struggling telling the truth. I was just reading the developmental phases for ENFPs and it says that in the second half of our lives we begin to be more honest, and less avoiding of confrontation. I'm only 22, but very recently I've discovered the freedom that comes with being really honest about things even if you're afraid you might hurt the other person's feelings. And I've discovered that my fears do not come true when I really am honest! people actually appreciate it a lot and we can go on being friends!

Also school has been one of the biggest struggles of my life (also dealing with ADHD which I assume is probably a thing for a lot of ENFPs). It is only because the school system usually favors those that can sit still and quiet all day, doing the same thing everyday. It was not made for us! Which is really too bad.

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