I have taken these tests many times for college classes, and personal reasons and I always get ENFJ so I do know for a fact that is what I am. As far as careers go I don't mind helping people, I love writing and am working on a novel, I LOVE the outdoors and any physical activity that I am good at, I can sense emotion in people quickly and I find I can read others easily. As far as careers go I have been struggling trying to find what I love, and I honesty don't care if it pays well as long as I can do what I love. I would rather do what I love than do what I am good at and get payed well but be miserable all the time because I don't care for it. Any suggestions? Questions or even comments? I listen to everyone so don't be shy


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hi , my name is daniel and write from argentine. sorry if the english is not so good.
since a few day i know that i am enfj.
i will try to show you my experience.
i am a system analyst since 10 years, I was seller for other 10
and teacher for 1 year.
i look i enjoyed much more the teacher role, crazy but i am looking
it now !!
i recomend you, choose a profesion that you can earn money but not
very far from what are you in reality.
Computer helped me with the money but is not my natural at all.
I think we can mix, teaching or helping o caring others but giving
some subject that are from the interest of us.
I looked i was effective in bussiness, but i enjoy a lot of helping people.
Is dificult, feel free to answer.
i hope this aport you

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