I am an computer science and engineering graduate.I passed out from the college In 2007.I didn't work as of now.I would like to enter into IT field now.I have learned few cources recently like Sql,dataware housing,ssis,ssas,tableau reporing tool.There is no time for me to revise the subject.I would also like to learn car driving .I am wishing to fulfill these two desires one is learing car driving and another is getting into IT field.I have huge gap from the year which I was graduated from college.Any help to make a better creer planing and the way to Implement the plan  to acieve the goals and which IT field is good for me?I don't like progaming languages and  also Iwould like to enter Into the IT field which has very little coding or no coding is required which has better future and career growth and good salary.Any suggestions?




treefrog says...

Hey, good to see another tech geek!

Data science may be less programming than SW engineers but still fun mix of scientific analysis and grogramming. Didn't understand "car driving" part. Did you mean self-driving car? I'm currently a data scientist and learning about SDC.

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