I am looking for a career path. I have been a teacher/ Nanny for the past 10 years. Thoughts?


Bard says...

Have you checked the blog posts here on Truity? There are actually a lot of them oriented toward finding a career path that suits your personality. For example, I found one with the title 7 Survival Strategies for the Introverted Teacher (http://www.truity.com/blog/7-survival-strategies-introverted-teacher). And there is a whole category of "Careers for Your Type" (http://www.truity.com/view/blog-by-topic/Careers%20for%20Your%20Type) ... ah, and here's one I wish I'd seen years ago, Seven Career Fears for the Ambitious INFP to Get Over (http://www.truity.com/blog/seven-career-fears-ambitious-infp-get-over).

Of course, a lot more goes into thinking about a career change than just your Myers-Briggs type. I guess I might ask myself, What have I liked and disliked about being a teacher and a nanny? What strengths do I have that have either flourished or languished in the shadows in my careers so far?

And if you haven't looked into Richard Bolles' What Color Is Your Parachute?, by all means do so. Used to the full extent, this book involves a lot of intensive work, but it's invaluable in getting a sense of your strengths and interests and where you might take them.

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