I am one of the approxiamately 1% of males in the United States who is INFP.  Along with that I am a "cancer" and to top it off I also am gay.  I didn't find out my personality type until 7 years ago, and yesterday took the MBTI yesterday and it came out with the same result.  I recently retired from my full-time good paying job.  I want to work again, but not sure if anything fulfilling is out there.  Anyone have a similar experience, personality type and ever feel a bit lost?

Thanks! -J


Miguel_Rush (not verified) says...

Totallt me, I'm a 20 year old ENFP (but consider myself as an INFP honestly). And I'm also feeling very scared and confused. I'm studying Electrical Engineering (a very well paid career in my country, and reason why many people is pressuring me to finish it) but honestly, I feel that I don't belong to that career. I'm feeling very lost and scared and I'm not sure to what career change because I'm very confused and uncertain of what choice to make.

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