I feel very happy that i have the chance to share my thoughts to you. Most of the time i feel that i talk only to the wall because the majority of my friends do not understand me.

I am an entepreneur, married with a wonderfull wife and a small son. They are my life. But i make them feel ok, close to me, if only my job is going well. I am a workaholic person striving to do everything in a perfect way under planning.

Last year, unfortunately, i had to dismiss 35 peolpe of my team. This was something realy bad for me and i need to express that i feel terrible. Knowing that many people's lifes depend on me, this explodes my moral satisfaction. So i feel really terrible.

Currently i am planning to move my machinery to another country because the situation where i come from is not very optimistic at least for the next 15 years. When i say situation i mean only in terms of opportunities. Or at least i don' t see any.

I have to decide if i will leave my family back for the next 5 to 10 years and loose my kid's best years since he is only 6.  Last year i was doing a market field research in Africa and i was out of my home for 3 months. This was the first time i was away from my son for so long. The majority of my trips are for 2 or 3 to 5 days full of meetings and presentations.

During my trip i realised that i had to leave my family back because where i went is not a place to rase a child and bring a family.

I have three options and to be honest with you i am under a decision tree analysis to take my decision.

Opt 1, stay close to my family with much less income than i used to have or i can accept.

Opt 2, move to another country 8 hours by plane from my family with a new job as an executive.

Opt 3, move to another country with the job i used to have but with a partner under a jv concept.

Opt 1 is out of my mind. I just discuss this because it is the family matter only. To tell you the truth if i choose this, which i will not, i will be extremely miserable for the rest of my life and my family will hate me! I will hate myself as well.

Opt 2, is a challenge of a new business but the people that are involved in are not expressing their scope or their vision and this makes me feel out of my lines.  I mean i need to see the big picture, plan, work the plan, measure it, analyse it and do it if only the projected output is between accepted rates. Otherwise i feel that i step on unstable environment.

Opt 3 is what i know best, what i have been doing for the last 25 years but in this case i need a partner and i feel extremely upset when it comes to partnerships. I can not full fill this option without a partner. I feel that i should maintain 75% of management of a possible jv to make this happen but i am not sure if i can find the proper partner.

Knowing for the first time, after taking the personality test, that i belong to ENTJs i would ask you other ENTJs if you have experienced similar situations and would like to share your feelings with me.

Thank you for your time!





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