I  am 25 and working as a sales executive in a technical field for the past 2years.I recently discovered that I am an INFP. (For so long I thought was an INFJ.Initially that was hard to accept but iv finally made peace with it ;)) Right now I am  going through a major career crisis  and feeling lost like a puppy with no direction.A phase where I dont know anymore which career to go for. Should I continue in a sales profile where the pressure is always high or should i go for a training profile where I can use my comm skills.I am not satisfied with my job as the field is too technical and not much scope for me and i am just working as the co.is good.People around me tell me to be more practical and settle for stable jobs and not change.But somehow I am never satisfied and want to go only where my interest is. I want to work in a profile where I can use my creativity.I am also an active Toastmaster and passionate about public speaking but not sure how to convert that into a profession. But the realities of life dawn on me and I think I'll end up doing a job I might not want to do. I am so confused!!Any help?Best profession to choose as an Infp?? 


Eco (not verified) says...

I was browsing on this website looking for answers to my own career issues. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this page as I feel like relating to your problem. As much as I wanted to help you. I also have the exact same problem as you do. I feel like the daily rigors of working in a sales environment is really stressing me out. I also don't want to go back to my training profile because it is too technical and repetitive. I guess what I can offer is to let you know that you're not the only one suffering from this crisis. I myself is going through the same path as you do. We'll figure it out soon! ;)

Guest (not verified) says...

Good to know we're sailing in the same boat of being an INFP and lost! Surely, we'll figure it out soon... 

AmyCC (not verified) says...

I feel the exact same way! However, I have decided to be true to myself and let my P be dominant and quit my job! I believe what is most important is for us to follow our hearts and not forget to respect our values. Good luck to you all!

Marta LBB (not verified) says...

I don't know your personal\family situation but at your age, I would try to follow a more creative career. I am older and I can tell you by experience what bored INFPs get with routine and doing the same thing again and again. As you are young you have to try something different if this doesn't work you have a lot of time in your life to change your decision. Later, at my age, could be too late. 

Know your personality as best as possible. Find out how the traits of your personality help you to be good at things and not so good in others and take this information into account when choosing a new career. 

To be here, learning bout your personality it is a good start. 

Theo (not verified) says...

Just found this site. I'm a proud INFP. I used to do high stress IT networking sales. I was really good at the tech stuff and writting proposals, but I was a terrible "used car salesman" and had a lot of trouble sealing the deal. Not good in sales. I ended up doing some research on the best jobs for INFP types and ended up going back to school to get my library degree. Now I'm a full time librarian and I couldn't be happier. I LOVE my job. It doesn't pay much but I'm happy every day when I go to work in the morning. 

Nate82 (not verified) says...

I'm in the same boat. I'm 25 and in a high-pressured, tech sales environment. I have even thought about training.

I'm looking for a job that more fits the INFP profile. From what I can tell, INFPs are happy in most jobs for a limited amount of time. I believe we're the most flexible type, both in personality and in the way we interact with our environment. This makes it easy to do a job and do it well, but it never lasts long. That's why it's important to either find a job that does match our skill-sets and values or find a job that is flexible enough for us to explore. We are not salespeople lol. 

That's my thoughts anyways!

Arif (not verified) says...

Thanks guys for sharing your experiences. From child until now I can't socialize with most people properly and prefer to shut-in. Then i found job that may suit my "anti-social" traits. Forextrading what it called, but don't do that job manually because we simply lack of capabilities doing some technical high pressure emotional stuff. So, I use INFP advantage which is 

  • Future-oriented
  • Growth-oriented; always want to be growing in a positive direction
  • Creative and inspirational
  • Flexible and laid-back, unless a ruling principle is violated
  • Sensitive and complex
  • Universalist
  • Harness Possibilities
  • Survivability

to found the real essence of this job. Some call it socialtrading. We can share our research synergically based on our own works, Although we prefer to work alone, and may have problems working on teams. 

Michael W (not verified) says...

Hello. Stay away from sales jobs and routine as an INFP. You prabably want to retool for the future and remember you can always choose a different career again and again. A lot of people switch careers in their lifetime. It makes life more exciting doesn't it? 

Guest (not verified) says...

This is such an INFP thing to experience. I am 25 and have bounced between many jobs and potential career paths. Recognising that I am an INFP has helped tremendously with understanding myself and choosing more suitable jobs. Now I'm studying marketing because it allows me to be creative and use empathy to understand the thoughts of consumers. It also requires strong writing skills and some use of numbers, so it covers just about everything and is a highly flexible degree. Perfect for us dynamic INFP's. The only downside is that it might conflict with values if you get stuck in a high-pressure sales environment and you don't believe in convincing people to buy things.

This might sound obvious but whatever you do, don't stay in a job that makes you come home crying. It's never too late for change; keep researching INFP careers and pick one that jumps out to you :) Goodluck

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