I was looking at different careers for the INTP and was thinking more on the medical aspect, pediatrics to be exact; what kind of jobs would be a good fit? My end goal would be working at a Children's Hospital.


Truity says...

Pediatrics is not usually one of the medical fields that has a lot of INTPs. One study found that psychiatry actually had the most INTPs. There isn't a lot of information about why this is, but here are a few things to think about if you are an INTP thinking about going into pediatrics.

  • How will you feel about seeing many, many patients over the course of a day? Most INTPs seek depth, and if they do interact with others throughout the day (which many INTPs can also do without!) they want to engage with a select few people who they can really connect with on an intellectual level. Would you be okay with having to constantly meet and interact with a wide range of people?
  • How much creativity will you be able to bring to your work? INTPs typically like to think up new approaches and design their own way of doing things. Often, in the medical field, there are protocols to follow and procedures to adhere to. How would you feel about being restricted in this way?
  • How much tolerance do you have for routine tasks, paperwork, etc.? Although TV makes medicine look exciting and fast-paced, a lot of it is about treating common problems with routine approaches, filling out charts, and other mundane tasks. Are you able to tolerate spending time doing this sort of work?

If I had to imagine an INTP who was really satisfied with working as a pediatrician, I would guess that the job would probably be working with very complex, maybe even unusual or severe illnesses, and that it would be in a setting where you are working with fewer patients and spending more time with each of them. I would also say that a setting with an emphasis on medical science (say, a research or teaching hospital) would be a better fit than a typical clinic. I could also see an INTP being attracted to alternative or holistic medicine because of the additional opportunity to be creative in designing interventions for individual patients.

Those are just a few thoughts, based on my (limited!) knowledge of the medical profession. It would be even better for you to be able to talk to different pediatricians about what their work looks like, and then use the lens of your personality type knowledge to better understand what would work for you.

Guest (not verified) says...

Procedures, paperwork, dealing with countless irrational people? I completely respect your desire to explore a new field, but I'm just go back to my dungeon of a bedroom and research more silly things being developed.

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