Why INTPs are so creative, and why they not good at taking test (in school)


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I was always really slow to get through tests - thinking about all the options, weighing things up and not getting around to writing it all down before time was up. Same thing with story writing - lots of words in my head but none onthe paper! Others might say I tend to make things more complicated than they are, slowing things down. Eventually I figured out that practicing on previous years exam questions sped things up, because they are usually testing your memory of a process, not your 'thinking'.

NinaSimone (not verified) says...

I found that I did well on tests. Especially essay questions. I always found it comical that I could pass those with obvious circular logic, but school work was where I fell down. I wasn't engaged in the least, preferring to hide other books inside text books. Projects were always a fail because I had big ideas and no clue how to organize it and make it practical. Rather that fail, I wouldn't try.
I have the same problem as Lily with writing. I would start in the middle without being able to write the beginning. I am much better at poetry and essays or editorials.

Joseph Joseph Joseph (not verified) says...

You r the same person as me

lexie.white says...

I find multiple choice to be one of the most stressful forms of test-taking, because I look at all of the answers and my mind automatically looks for how each could potentially be the correct answer to the question. I suppose that's my Ne working, and that Ni-users are probably much better at multiple choice, but regardless I am also very indecisive and will constantly switch between answers, going back and changing them throughout the course of the test. But it's true that I love creative projects and find that essay writing comes quite naturally to me. I think a possible reason why INTPs don't do as well in typical school testing is because although we tend to be very intellectual and love to learn things, memorizing facts and mindlessly reciting information that's been drilled into our heads is not something that catches our attention

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This topic is nostalgic, "I am intelligent, so why did I not get the first place?"

I had discovered it a long time ago that, I was more perceptive of any intellectual theory and grasp it quickly than the kid who stood first. The reason was, once I learned about a theory or a fact it lost all it's suspense and novelty, becoming boring. So I did not practice enough and got less marks.
Another reason can be, I saw exams as a process to make me repeat my knowledge and that is also boring.

I have always loved to do school projects, especially science related subjects and essay writing came naturally to me. I have always gotten good marks in exams and I thrive in the subject that captures my interest.

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