I am an INFP with an opportunity to work in a position that would test every single one of my weaknesses - working in a high stress environment, making demanding phone calls to strangers, managing calendars and deadlines, searching for problems, and decisively estimating costs. On the one hand, it's a great paying job that may (eventually) lead to a more creative position. On the other, I think I would be stressed out of my mind.

Can a personality type become strong in their weaknesses? Can I become good at this job or am I setting myself up to fail?


andsail says...

I don't know if this personality type necessarily makes one unsuitable for the type of job you describe. I think what is key however is that we infp's need to feel that we are helping people in whatever we do. I work in a high stress high pressure environment involving negotiations of millions of dollars. I enjoy what I do because if I do it well, my client is going to benefit. Also remember that while this personality descriptor provides a good general picture of some of tour core values, it does not describe other areas in which you may be gifted. I can tell you that I tried a sales job once and I sucked because the best sales people are highly motivated by their own success and enrichment.

Ingrid31 (not verified) says...

I also agree with Andrew,but I will probably not take that kind of job you are describing, even if you could be good at it. I have recently been there and for an INFP it consumes a lot of our energy. When I was in that stressful, managing job I didnt know that I was an INFP. I surprise myself doing things really good and being very successful in the job, having recognition, and people feeding some kind of competitiviness in me (that I didnt have). It was consuming all my energy and I became so lost, it was taking the best in me, Im 33 years old and felt so much older and exhausted. I beging feeling a lack of authenticity and that I could not be my genuine self.. I think you need to consider a job that goes more with your essence, more people oriented.

Artemesia (not verified) says...

I think your question suggests you are worried about whether you are up to the inherent speed and responsibility of this job. I am an Infp doctor, so I've had my fair share of those jobs where quick serious decisions are needed. I would say from my experience (I am 51) that you should give it a try and learn how to do it in your own way. I find that my naturally calming sensitive style makes me respected as a different and (I hope) wise voice in an otherwise Gung Ho 'lets get it done yesterday' work environment. That's not to say quick decisions aren't hard. But people who find them easy often miss out the consequences on the people. The other thing I think I see quicker than others is exactly that - how the human element will affect the outcome. It always surprises me how when I say these things people are surprised (and sometimes even listen!)

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