I understand that Sales Manager is not preferred line of work for Healers. But, I'm currently an independent consultant and our mentors tell us to care about the person and the money would follow. Are there any salespersons on this personality type? Any help, suggestions, advise on how to thrive as a INFP on the sales world? I need to make this work!


Anil Krishna (not verified) says...

Hi there,

I hope you could go on it only if it interests you, even if it falls last in the list. The major characteristics of a healer is he works on things that inspires and interests him. Find out what interesting factors are involved in the process of sales. I suppose that will make it work for you.

Thank you

Guest NYC (not verified) says...

I believe anyone can be either good or great at something; no matter what it is or the personality type. Healers have a strong potential to be great at sales because they are very
sensitive to the spirit and needs of others. So, this enables them to have a strong leverage to close a sale without selling. When people see how much you care; they care to buy.

guest Blore (not verified) says...

True that, we're the best @ sales when theres no pressure.
but generally tend to break when it comes to high pressure sales

Guest (not verified) says...

I think the above two responses are great. If you're enthusiastic and motivated by sales, then our INFP type could be an asset as you work for your customers. I think it also depends on what type of sales manager you are.
I'm INFP, and was a retail sales manager for two years at a store with a staff of 10... but I ended up quitting as I neared a complete mental break down. When I started the job I was motivated by working with and for people with my same interests (we dealt in art supplies of course!), and helping similar people with their needs in store. Sales and profits didn't really matter as much in my mind as making sure the people around me were happy, although as a manager profits should have been equally important. I really enjoyed making the store a welcoming place to customers and trying to create a fun and flexible environment for staff.
What ruined the job for me after awhile was being stuck in the middle between my staff, customers, and head office. Everyone with their constant needs. I took the brunt of all the issues, and no one was there to support me. There were major problems with the company management that I tried to address and offer positive solutions to those above me, they would not hear me. I started to feel constantly attacked by everyone, I was doing my best, but it wasn't recognized. I was working 6 days a week to keep up with the company demands, yet it wasn't enough. So when I realized no one was appreciating what I was doing, I couldn't make people happy...all that was left of the job was what it boiled down to, sales. Which didn't interest me. Especially trying to increase sales for a company that didn't appreciate the hard work.
I think sales would have worked out fine for me if there wasn't the same amounts of pressure, and if I had colleagues on my level that I could relate to during the day (all I had were staff below me, management above me, and customers), and a competent upper management.
You're an independent consultant? If you're not managing a team of people for a company, but are able to focus on your own clients needs, sales could be great. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think INFP's are meant to manage teams of people, for a team of people, to service a group of people (customers)....too many people!

Mindy96 (not verified) says...

Hi i am an infp that is in sales. I work in a designer clothing shop i do alot of the displaying which i love because im creative. i have very personal service with the customer so they trust me and im not all about making money. the downside is that the people i work with are alot about making money and care less about customers infps are officialy not good at sales but i think they are great at relationships and could therefore make the best saleswomen/salesmen and actually sell for the customers good.

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