I'm pretty sure that I'm an ENFP. I am more artistic by nature and I love interacting with people. I am a very inquisitive person; I want to know how everything works. I tend to dabble in and out of things a lot, because it's like if I think about anything for long enough, I suddenly want to do it! I'm about to do a psychology degree but I'm really considering neurology or psychiatry. I know it's not a typical route for ENFPs to go into medicine but I can't shake this idea off my mind. Any other ENFPs out there trying to pursue medicine? How is it going for you? Or should I run a million miles away from medicine?




Lydia Cromwell (not verified) says...

Dear Camira, 

We ENFPs are known by being dreamers fueled by our passionate desires. I personally studied English and Education but I'm also passionate about neuroscience and wish someone would have encouraged me to pursue a dream like that. That being said I can also be flighty at times and have a hard time focusing so studying can be a struggle but I think it really depends on the person. I say if you want it go for it!

Rijke (not verified) says...

I would suggest shadowing professionals in your career fields of interest.  You will be more certain of the fit then.  There are creative physicians, neurologists, psychiatrists, etc.  But shadow several people in different work settings to get a closer view to see if it feels and seems right.  This is an under-utilized trick that really works!  And when you ask people if you can shadow them, they nearly always say yes!

Kara Schoenemann (not verified) says...

I constantly feel this way!! I am a PhD graduate student in microbiology, and I often feel like I'm not really fit for this field because I'd rather be interacting with people than stuck doing experiments all day.

I've found that through a lot of personal thought and reflection, though, that I do have talents that are really great for science, such as:

-I am a social person and a feeler with a lot of empathy, so I can help other graduate students when they're struggling, I can give presentations well, I'm often chosen as the representative for the program for future students.

-I am a creative person, with big ideas. Science has given me the tools to utilize this aspect of my personality very well. I feel that I am great at coming up with experiments (although I often really struggle to carry them out), I am great at troubleshooting experiments and answering "How?" questions. It's easy for me to imagine a biological process, and then share that with others in an easy to understand way. I am great at making figures for papers too!

Most of my peers are I's and T's and J's and I often feel like I'm left out or in the wrong field. But I think really it's about self-recognition, using your strengths as often as possible and recognizing your weaknesses and where you might need more discipline.

Maria Clara (not verified) says...

Im an ENFP and I am also aspiring to become a doctor! Particularly an Army surgeon cos my country needs more of that but yes im still willing to serve and become a surgeon someday. But if I dont get qualified in the military and if I got pissed off because of the strict rules *insert lol emoji* I would probably switch to Pediatrics because I also love interacting with children. Im currently taking up Medical Laboratory Science and it kinda makes me lonely working on a laboratory with few people hahaha. I love music, arts, science and interacting with people so much so Medicine would probably the best choice there is for me.

Lv (not verified) says...

Hey there 😂

Well am a dr ..ENFP...and i specialised in dermatology

Only thing is if have a hard time keeping schedule

Tend to get sort of depressed by routine

But i like dermatology 

No regrets 

But in addition i have a zillion other interests

Can't concentrate on everything

If u have passion u should go for it

Neuro Doc Matt (not verified) says...

I know this is an old post but I'll just throw my name into the pile to encourage anyone else who may stumble across this. 


I am a pediatric neurologist and an ENFP. I have to admit there was quite a few struggles to get here. I don't know about anyone else but standardized testing and I are not friends (standard anything and I are not friends haha). In some ways this field really takes advantage of creativity and ability to think about problems in a multitude of ways simultaneously. Unfortunately on the road to getting there one has to be very consistent and linear at times. I don't say that to be discouraging but just to let you know there will definitely be some points where you will question why you embarked on this path. when you get through it however a lot of those questions go away and I couldn't be happier. I also find it interesting that a lot of enfps I've spoken to are very interested in neuroscience. I studied psychology and Neuroscience in undergrad and continued that passion into my current career. I have a lot of hobbies on the side that keep my wanderlust at Bay but truthfully this is one of the only areas that keeps my attention without issue. If you have the interest, I say go for it. The ENFP positivity will carry you pretty well and when it doesn't just make sure to reach out to friends who will remind you of all the wonderful attribute to have that will make you an amazing physician. 


Best of luck to you. 

Neuro Doc Matt (not verified) says...

Were* quite a few

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