I find myself borderline of ESTJ/ISTJ. I'm not this huge extrovert, but also not shy/introverted. It can vary depending on where I am. For example, I may be more extroverted at work since I tend to gravitate towards interaction with people in a client service/sales role. When I am home I like family time but I also enjoy time alone with a good book or playing video games. The test had me borderline on all results except judging. I guess I am what I am. Anyone else?


Kleopatra54 (not verified) says...

I too have been borderline ESTJ/ISTJ over the years. I've taken the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Inventory 3 times: twice in college and once in professional development training at work. What I surmised is I tend to become introverted whenever I am in a new situation where I am not comfortable or am unsure of myself. I become reserved while I try to get the lay of the land or a better sense of the situation or person. Once I feel at ease, more confident and comfortable, my extroversion returns. Having said this, there also are times when I just do not want to be around people but most of the time I do. I think of myself as an introverted-extrovert.

Guest (not verified) says...

If you are extroverted at work, more than likely you are extroverted. If you need some space for yourself at home that just means you are a balanced person who like everyone needs some alone time. Don't forget you are the thinker and this is what you do to make sense of the world around you. This takes some peace and solitude.

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