Hello all!

I have semi-recently come across an incredibly enjoyable board game called "Go" in English ("Weiqi" in Chinese, "Igo" in Japanese, and "Baduk" in Korean).

I've read several posts about other INTPs getting bored and not knowing what to do with themselves. Knowing exactly what those people have been going through, I wanted to offer up this game as a suggestion to occupy time and challenge oneself.

It's a game that is extremely simple in concept, yet extremely difficult in execution (when played against players of similar abilities).

I hope that in learning more about the game, more people come to love it as I have.

I'd love to hear anybody's thoughts!



64CAD says...

Cool! Are you sure it's Weiqi and not Wuziqi ? Because I have played this game before, and it's where you try to get 5 pieces in a row on a large board. Weiqi is where you have to circle the opponent's pieces to "capture" them. Trust me. This is Chinese, which I speak very well. You may have gotten confused, because Weiqi (circle, go around) + (Piece, pawn, token, etc.) and Wuziqi (Five) + (Piece, pawn, token, etc.) are played on the same board with the same pieces. Anyway, I'm an INTP and I think perhaps my favorite board game of all is chess.

jonjamesmovip says...

Hi there!

I've played both Wuziqi and Weiqi and love them! However, in this case, I do mean Weiqi.

It's an excellent game of strategy. I'm not a very strong player, but I can't practice well because there's no one around me Missouri, USA who really plays!

I do also enjoy chess though. More people play that locally, thankfully.


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