I'm a infp personnality type. I am 18 years old and I would like to know if any of you out there feel like I do. I don't have any passion and I can't find one but I'm feeling that I have to do something big inside me. I'm kind of really competitive. I'm studying art and I really don't know where I'm going to end up. I'm just so lost in time. How about you? Time really scares me. I don't want to grow old and die without doing something that will change llfe in general.


Tmadmom1 says...

Maybe you could look into starting a paitning business. You couls paint new and older homesm business, etc. It sounds like you like the design part of it and would have a sucessful journey with paniting.

Guest (not verified) says...

Hey! So I'm about your age and I'm an INFP too.
I feel the same way, and I think I know why.
We have this tendency to avoid difficult situations. I always feel like I'm missing something... Because I'm afraid of meeting new people, of getting rejected, of not being successful, of being misunderstood, and above all of getting hurt (emotionally). Sometimes I'm overwhelmed because I forget that every important action begins with a simple step. If you value the goal, you should also value the journey. Passions grow. You need to invest time and effort into something for it becoming a passion. For example, if you really like art, you should read about it and take time to learn more about it. I hope this helps and have a great day!

Guest (not verified) says...

You say you don't have a passion, but as a fellow INFP who has been there, I'm going to call BS (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). More than likely you have great passion but you are blocking your own creativity due to lack of self esteem, fear of failure, and perhaps a big dose of judgment from others who don't understand you and think your idealism is foolish or not realistic. You don't have to be the best at something for your passion to be valid. Nor does it have to be something "big". Small things often make big impacts on our own lives and on the lives of those around us. (Remember Rosa Parks? Doubt she thought refusing to give up her seat would change the course of history, but it did.)

I think the key to discovering your passions as an INFP is to discover and focus on your values. Take time away for yourself to discovery who you are and what is meaningful to you. Still having a hard time finding yourself? Think about your friends/role models. What do you like/admire about them? What interests you. Nothing is stupid or meaningless if it speaks to you. Because that's the thing about INFPs, we often find value and meaning where others don't. Trust your instincts. And above all, always listen to your heart. Block out the noise. Block out the negativity. Dig deep. True authenticity and a strong spirit are what INFPs offer the world. We're the ones that have the courage to see the truth we have discovered through our sensitivity. Use whatever gifts, quirks and interests you have been given and trust that you will find your way.

The path is not always clear. I often feel like I can only see a few steps in front of me at any given time, but I do my best to practice self love, silencing my own inner critic and finding the courage to always take that next step.

Be true to yourself and you will have accomplished something greater than most people ever will.

Ingrid31 (not verified) says...

This was so warm and nice to read. Im lost in my path, but your words got to my soul. Maybe the answer is in all the small things that Im missing. Im also so confused about the next step in my life. Im 33 years old and I feel that I cannot lose more time, I blocked the noise years ago and I have founded myself, but I still need to define now what is following for me, to take my thoughts to actions. But this pressure on myself doesnt help me to see with clarity my purpose, what kind of job and life will be meaningful to me. It will definitly need to be something that let me explore my sensitivity and authenticity. I work for business and finance and it feels so far away from my essence. Im trying to cope with it in the meantime and trying to be a little more realistic (as Im supposed to be, or people normaly pressure our type INFP to be), but I feel that there is so much greater things that I can do with my life for myself and in service to others. Each time that I try to dig deeper somebody always says "keeping it real" or "you are always living in another world". Is not easy to deal with the social pressure of being an INFP who feels and see the world from a different perpective or as we understand it should be.

Guest (not verified) says...

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't — either way you're right." - Henry Ford

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