I am a student at Halifax Community College and my instructor asked us to take the personality test.  So I took it and it said I was ESFJ and they could not be more correct.  I know all of people that knows me would say that they hit the nail on the head.  But that is just how I was brought up.  My parents would be proud.

I am a very caring person, I love to make people happy when they are upset, mad, or sad.   They way I think about it is if you can make someone smile and happy when they are down, then you did a great deed .  I can not stand to see someone upset or sad, that makes me feel the same way.  I rather have them laughing and smiling when they get ready to walk away from me.  That makes me feel really good.

If the whole world would just help somebody they know needs help, whether it be carrying groceries to there car, opening the door for somebody, anything you can see they might need help with.  If you just did that the the world would be a better place.  I have always tried to help when I can.  People look at me like I am crazy but that is just how I was raised.  When the test told me I was a provider that is exactly right.  I love providing, protecting and just out right doing the right thing in my personal life, social life, business life and just every part of my life.  

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