By taking the  personality test, I discovered some interesting things about myself. First, was the "Big Five" Personailty test where I scored relatively high in Conscietiousness, Agreeableness, Extraverted, where in the other ones, I scored low in Neuroticism.In the book a high score on consicientiousness is an emotional stability were associated with high performace across all occupational group and measure all performance.Since I scored high conscientiousness  it described me as a well self-displine person and, control in order to purse all my goals and dreams in life,which means you are very organized and determined about your upcoming future.Such as orderly, dependable, hardworking, cautious all falls in that same category which told me alot about myself.

   Secondly,I feel like it could be changed by being more open,far as making conversation with others,trying to get involved in any activities that may be going on inside or outside of school or just in general making new friends, being willing and knowledgeable about how people take things to the heart or may cause suicide to someone love one.Don't be so quick to judge a book by its cover, before going in and reading the chapters first.Just be be able to put yourself in someone else shoes when their explain and trying to get a better understanding in how someone really feels deep down inside. I just want to be more open for people.For example, by me working  in a fast food restaurant, taking the time and initiative to interact with coworkers were little conversation ,they were short and brief where there were little development towards however, by that being said everyone had a better understanding of each other also its always a better way to communicate with others much better. 

   Lastly,After taking the personality test it was amazing just seeing how interesting it would be.however thats one of the biggest things in the best communication just being yourself and only yourself!                 


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