I love being ENFP!!!!!!!!! What do you guys think is the best part about having such an awesome personality???


popbumper1 says...


sina.disse says...

I am pretty proud being an ENFP too :))
It is pretty hard to say what's best for, since it's especially the combination of the aspects which are so cool... though I think one of the best parts is being able to understand other people's feelings so good and to react properly to them.
I love it as well that I, when I'm in a good mood and all, am super-ironical and make many jokes, I really enjoy that :) The abillity to get so obsessed with things, and maybe even exegarrating in some Areas (for me it's the fictional one, I can be SO obsessed by series), in combination with the catching-peoples-emotions-thingie makes the whole Thing an awesome experience, being able to feel the characters emotions makes it almost as good as experiencing it yourself ~
Though the latter also can be negative for me, if the whole thing backfires and I get depressive over endings and dramatic plots (wich is why I'll never-ever watch something with the genre Drama in it,seriously), as well as the whole seeking-reason-in-live... thats no good either...
But all in all it sure is really awesome being an ENFP :p

sammydoh says...

If I may barge in, can you explain the nuances of human connection to me? I am extremely confused. I just asked my friend if he had wiped his shoes and washed his clothes before coming into my room, followed by a blunt "what took you so long" and he just stormed out. Is this some kind of ENFP thing?

Oh, also, it's the fact that you actually post on this thing, unlike INTJs.


gelpii says...

The best part to me is that I don't prejudge people. Everyone is a sensitive soul which deserves to be treated kindly.

marlene.fle (not verified) says...


another enfp here, from germany, so sorry for spelling mistakes..

what I love about being an enfp, is being able to enjoy so many things. Like other people being happy, a sweet dress, the sun get caught in the trees..etc :) and we are really good with people, enfps can give others the feeling of being liked, loved, understood. We can empower others, make them belive in themselves, help the introverts to get more friends - whatever our people skills are a real gift we should recognize as such. Others are really so important for us and I think it's great to focus so much on human beings. Furthermore we can get interested in almost everything, we love exploring new things/situations/places, enfps are people of love, peace, joy, energy,  - okay, I may have the same problem: There are just to many cool things about us :D

so, yeah, just choose the stuff you like about YOURSELF, that's what really counts ;) :*


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