When I gave birth to my son eleven years ago, little did I know how illogical and yet wonderfully imperfect my life would become. (Don't be fooled it's still quite organized and efficient as possible ;) )
I was scared that I had to take care of this little life that would not be able to verbalize his needs, play games I really didn't get but played along anyway. Many a nights of " I wished you could just tell me what you need" spoken tearfully. I say this with the brevity it has connected to it. My son still does things or says things that make "my wheels" stop and i have to look at him strange. And remember he is every bit an esfp. He has made the most difficult aspects of connecting as an INTJ to others seamless.
Well almost, he still calls me out when we have to go to school things and I'm not chatting it up in the middle of all the mothers. ( "mom, why did you do the fake smile the while time?" he's the only one who can tell, the only one...)


debday123 says...

Oh wow.....I remember the chaos!! I didn't realize I was wrongly paired and already had an overgrown teenager(ex-husband).
Life was so hard!! I was in denial about who and what I was,trying so hard to please everyone and failing miserably!!
My son is also INTJ i think so we have interesting conversations and he drives me as mad as I drive him when I cant answer his questions.My daughter is a 'feeler' and I work hard to satisfy her needs also (not being social person).
Children are wonderful and I feel lucky to be able to tackle life with more insight now, for them and for me.
As for the mums.....oh the torture!!

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