Just joined today so first post. This could be a real life line for me .. Wondering if there's anyone else out there who has found it difficult through 70 odd years of life in this Culture and found great relief in discovering there's others like us! Would love to share experiences.  Actually  .. anyone this age would be great but there's a particular difficulty with the Aussie Culture. Having said that  - guess it applies across the board for us INFJ'S. Circumstances of my life have kept me isolated amongst society. What a relief to find this Forum!


Ewelina (not verified) says...

Hello there,

hope you are well. I only came across this today and ... this is such a relief knowing I'm not odd / weird. 

Let's celebrate our wisdom and strenght!

hope you'll find someone in Australia as I am in Europe. I'm "only" 38 but feel sometimes 200 years old! :-)

James 1 says...

Hello. I am in England and am 73 so in the same group of ancients. Like you I have undergone virtually a whole working life in jobs I was unsuited for and suffered accordingly. I am at the extreme end of INFJ which seems to have gotten worse as I have aged. Also I suffer mood changes (mild bipolar) so have the set. Am looking at Meditation as a foot into a new start(never too late). Happy to discuss with anyone.

Christopher Diamond (not verified) says...

Hello Silverslippers,

I had a client over the last year who was Australian. He was one of the finest gentlemen I've had the privilege of knowing. He was extremely perceptive, of insanely keen intellect, and of tenderness unexpected for a man of his size and intensity. We never spoke of MBIT, but I felt like he was a kindred... and 24 years my senior.

He passed away this year, and I felt his loss like I might a close mentor I sincerely admire. Ironically, I provided him a vent for all the fear he felt moving forward with terminal illness, all his despair, his sense of being cheated. He was strong at work, for his friends, his wife (who he loved in a way that inspired me), for his daughters... but with me he could be the terrified man afraid of his impending death. Though perhaps more a function of need than anything I earned, I felt like he viewed me as a son he never had. We bonded quickly, and strongly. I will forever be grateful for his friendship, and for his courage in showing me a part of himself I imagine few others ever saw.

I am so excited for you. Crisis brought me down his road, and that just in the last few days, but it has paid greater dividends than I could have anticipated. We are not alone.

Be who you are, brave soul. Be. Present. Now. Love from Newnan, GA!!! 

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