Hi! I've taken the myers briggs test countless times and 72% of the time I get INFP
Other times I've gotten ISFP or (when I've been feeling particularly annoyed or let down by people) I've gotten ISTP. On rare occasions I get INFJ but of all the descriptions I say I mostly identify with INFP.
My only hesitation to confidently identify as one is because of the irrational thinking depiction we are so often given. To elaborate it seems that INFP'S are often painted as overly sensitive and completely illogical. That we have no capability of accepting objective criticism and the logic of a situation practically goes over our head. I will admit that I find it hard not to be personally offended when people critique me but I recognize in the moment that they are not trying to poke at me and I try to look at their criticism objectively. In the same way when I help solve problems my initial reaction is to sympathize with them and emote concern but I never encourage loved ones to act on that feel. Instead I always assure them that their feelings are valid and important and give them sound unbiased advice that still allows them to be true to themselves. Here is my question: Is that the way a typical INFP acts? Follow up question: Does anybody else feel like we are painted to much as illogical and oversensitive? Pretty much I am trying to determine if we all feel this way and if so I can be content with this overdone depiction and carry my title with aplomb, as would be the INFP duty. Or I'm more afraid that nobody will relate and say 'you are most likely an IXFP or IXXP" or whatever and I will have to seek another type to relate more to. I don't know. Maybe I'm being over dramatic. Can someone shed some light and perspective?


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Also please excuse those horrible grammatical errors. I have never been one for proof reading.

divz.balaji says...

Okay I've been where you are - typed several different types and somehow being able to relate to all of them. What I discovered was that your type doesn't depend on your letter but on your cognitive functions that the letters reflect.
The fact that you get INFP 72% of the time probably means you are an INFP but to conform that, read the descriptions of the INFP functions and see if they resonate with you. The functions for INFP (in order of dominance) are Introverted Feeling, Extraverted Intuiition, Introverted Sensing and Extraverted Thinking. The functions differ for each type so you can rule out other types by reading these. Personalityjunkie's website is probably a good start.
To answer the second part, yes, there is a stereotype that INFP's are illogical. Speaking as an INFP, I can corroborate that. Sometimes. The truth is, every personality type has a healthy and unhealthy side to themselves. Healthy INFP's are perfectly capable of being logical. When INFP's are overwhelmed (by pretty much anything), our dominant function takes over and we tend to react emotionally instead of logically. It doesn't help that our 'logical' function is inferior.
Personally, I find it hard to take criticism in the spur of the moment (sometimes, I even start crying) but when I've calmed down and I think it over, I find it to be constructive and I take it into consideration. However, when I'm dealing with other people, I do exactly as you do; validate their feelings but give them advice that's both practical and tailors to their needs. With other people, I'm capable of using my sensitivity to relate to others so there's an up side and a down side to any behaviour.
Yes, I agree we've been painted as cry-babies but if you look to yourself and other INFP's all over the internet, you'll see we're pretty badass too. It is an INFP trait to embrace themselves (because we value authenticity), warts and all so if that's your instinct, I'd say go for it.

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Gosh, thanks so much I feel so much better about it now. That's really insightful.

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