I'm a young ENTP struggling with some mental illness and would love to know if any of you ever did while young and how you have learned to live/cope with or overcome it.


Adam (not verified) says...

I am also a young ENTP and I find myself often depressed with the concept of growing up and becoming a boring normal adult with no point to life that would soon be forgotten. The way I cope is although the only dent I am likely to make in the world is the one I would be buried in I must focus on making a difference in MY world. I may not be able to change the world but I can make a big difference around me and that will have to do for now.

Guest99 (not verified) says...

hey,i am ENTP,too.My biggest fear is also that one day i will have to settle in living a boring common life.Though,I must admit that as I grow older i find more and more interesting things to do and new pieces to connect for my theories that my life before seems kind of boring!Like a monthly progress stuff! Good luck fellow entper :)

CJ (not verified) says...

Who says you have to become boring adult? I know a man older than my mom and he love setting of fireworks in his backyard and watching tinkerbell movies while dragging my family with him (Not that I'm complaining) But anyways just because you get older does not mean you become boring. Not even close.

From, Another young ENTP with Asbergers syndrome, ADHD, and proud of it.

Eva (not verified) says...

Hi Guest,

what kind of mental illness are you talking about?


Sachie (not verified) says...

Hallo, fellow ENTP. I also feel depressed more often than I would like to admit. I feel lonely and like no one understands me (how I think, how I feel) or cares. Don't get me wrong, I know we have a unique way of seeing things but when it comes to relationships it's really hard to feel... connected. I haven't found a healthy way to cope with that feeling but enrolling in new activities helps.

Guest (not verified) says...

ENTP here just finished first year at College

Some background on me:
>Great school didnt think i was good enough for
>Studying Film cuz i ADORE Stories, whether telling or listening
>Former Mascot and Class Pres so i was heavily involved/occupied so I consider myself social


moving and other BS began to make me feel really depressed, to the point the school forced me to see a therapist when i got in trouble for sumthin So i feel I can sympathize when you describe the feeling of not being connected. Took me a few months but taking a step back and doing some meditation may help for you OP. Try taking up new hobbies, find an outlet for yourself or talk to someone. Best wishes to you pal!

Love being quirky (not verified) says...

You know I've just discovered this entp stuff. Suffered depression since childhood with no real reason why. Tried OCD for a bit but that got boring. Consider suicide from time to time but my family need me. I think I am constantly trying to work out who all this life stuff fits together. I'm most unhappy when my values are challenged ( learning, honesty, family). I'm most happy helping and supporting people fulfill or seeing their potential. Telling them I believe in them and keeping them pepped up through hard times. Life is our own journey to make and it's nice to hold a hand when needed giving or receiving. People don't get me at all and I find that strange as I am open and honest and try to explain. You know the hardest times are the down times and not knowing when the up times will come again. As you get older you begin to believe that they will come and they will be good. We all have something to give even when that eludes us. Be responsible for your own happiness. Try to make people smile and you will be rewarded with a sense of well being.

Guest (not verified) says...

I know that most people here will disagree or dislike my comment, but my faith as a Christian is what helps me continue to find purpose when I feel like I'm not having the impact I should as an entp. Many of you have stated that you feel depressed. I felt like this a lot when i was in my early teen years. Don't doubt yourself or your ability because as entps we are gloriously gifted in being intuitive, original and confident. If you actively choose to change the world around you then it will change. We have the natural ability to make that happen. And almost nothing will stop that unless you choose to let it.

ENTP on Mars (not verified) says...

I came to a relationship with Jesus in my late 20s and still encounter bouts of depression. I used to go whole weeks wishing that I didn't hate pain so much so I could loll myself. I've never been prescribed any medication, though I'm not opposed to it. But I've seen that everyone in Christ is a new creation, and believe that I am complete only when I spend time developing my relationship in Christ.

The episodes haven't been so frequent as long as situations go my way. But lately my job has gotten tough where I have 90% of the company loving my energy, creativity, engagement, and results, but my direct manager needs planning, estimates, schedules, and measurements. See where this is going? It's been really tough to slug it out for three weeks. I've threatened to not come home. I wanted to stay at a hotel so I didn't have to face the familial distraction while in crunch time. It wasn't as severe lately, but I've gotten beaten down to the breaking point. The worst was when I felt like jumping off a bridge on my child's birthday. Instead, tonight I forced myself to wander the streets and breathe fresh air.

This past weekend we visited a church we used to attend and were treated to a powerful message on our identity in Christ as royal priests, from 1 Peter 2 and Hebrews 7. Then I went through this depression experience. It didn't take long for my wife and I to realize that it was a spiritual attack on my identity in Christ. So we've been praying. I need to continue to meditate on those chapters and renew my mind to know in my heart who I am. Then I need to walk in the authority of a king, and minister to God with my life. Mental illness will always plague me, but we can get to a point where God is bigger, and the episodes don't last as long.

Guest (not verified) says...

ENTP with dysgraphia and ADD, since elementary school I've been trapped in my own mind. Dysgraphia for those of you who don't know, is a learning disability that hinders writing, often causing poor handwriting and inability to fully put thought on paper. In third grade i read at a tenth grade level while writing at a second grade level, in middle school i averaged a B+ but transitioning to highschool took me down to a C+. luckily for me AP classes get bonus points on a weighted GPA scale as i am in predominantly AP classes. I never accepted accommodations for my dysgraphia because that would make me less special ( I would just be another dysgraphic ) I was fully determined to beat my disability and while my grades have suffered i can honestly say as a senior with A's in Ap english and creative writing that I am more than normal. Now as i prepare for college all i can think about is how my free thought will flourish in an environment without the shackles of highschool etiquette. I don't have the time to be depressed, i'm working too hard to beat my own mind whilst striving to be more than I already am. feeling sorry for yourself doesn't suit an ENTP. Challenge the world and make others feel sorry for themselves for not beating the system like you have.

( If you think this sounds boastful, remember that it took me 40 minutes to write )

KOB (not verified) says...

I'm in my early 40's now and can honestly say that I learned by my mid 20's the most important take away for me as an ENTP is the "E" part. We are not "I" people. We cannot recharge our batteries sitting at home alone and ruminating on how no one understands us. I think of my "E" as "engage" and go out looking for things to solve when I start to feel the weight of the world slowly creeping in on me. As another comment noted, I can't solve everything but there is almost always something I can solve. I'm always happy when I solve something, anything really. My brain will turn on me if I don't give it something better to do. So, I keep it busy.

Bradguest (not verified) says...

I am also an ENTP. Just like the post above, my advice is to remember the 'E', and how we like to use it. I find enjoyment out of solving or even just thinking about problems. When I lose interest, I make sure I take some time to energize myself by inserting myself in to discussions with other people. A lot of the times, the people you engage won't be as up for a debate as you are. So I go in search of other outlets where I know a debate or discussion will be well received. Forums on the Internet (whatever topics you find fadcinating) are a great place for an ENTP to "let loose". Also, know which of your friends enjoy this quality in you, and which environments are conducive to your strengths. The good news for us is that there are many!!

The biggest danger for an ENTP is boredom. Don't allow yourself to become bored. Keep opening new doors, keep joining new discussions.

curiousue2010 says...

I am a 60 year old ENTP. I felt misunderstood for much of my life. I ask so many questions and people believe that I'm judging them. My purpose with every question is ( who would have thought?) to find answers! LOL
Once ENTP people learn to embrace themselves as special, all things are possible. As we age, it's easier to dismiss those who do not understand us. (Most people) Finding a few people who can " keep up" makes all those pieces fit. Laughter and joy are part of our fabric because our energy is so dynamic.
I feel blessed that my creativity just keeps growing. It gets better everyone!

Guest (not verified) says...

I think the biggest fear that I have as an ENTP, now in my early 40s, is that I am a jack of all trades and a master of few (or none?!), it feels like with EVERYTHING, including relationships. I sometimes feel that NONE of my life-long skills and endeavors arein the mastery stage. I wonder if this has to do with the habit of ENTPs doing things 80% of the way and then moving on?? I do feel like finishing projects is torture. Anyway, this master of all trades feeds into my fear that I lack focus and consistency and can't settle on one thing. Lately I picked up a book on Logic and am going through this since maybe I have been neglecting my co-pilot for too long. It is hard stuff, but I can see how developing accuracy could really help. The other thing that resonates with me is practicing honesty and being authentic with the world and yourself, that way things don't get so confusing and overwhelming with 5000 new activities that you have partly finished. Would love to hear if others have experienced this issue. I'm working on my co-pilot and trying hard to get honest so I can hopefully be more focused and start mastering a few things that I deeply care about rather than jumping around from X, Y and Z. I have never been diagnosed with ADHD, but sometimes I feel like it! Also, I have taken the test twice over 10 years. I fall almost directly in the middle of the E and I, last time I was barely and I and this time barely and E, which fits me better.

Agree with some of the suggestions above that as an E, it is important to get out and engage with the word. This does pull you in different directions, but can be really satisfying.

Guest (not verified) says...

I'm 45 and only wish I could be boring being a young ENTP is very hard but sooner you accept and peel back the layers of your great original mind the better you will feel you can try to be like every one else but there is no way you can stay there you are your best friend and the love of your life and as you know there is always hope or is there

Guest (not verified) says...

Dear ENTP community,
I want to write my case because it may be helpful for others. I am 17 and have always been bored by everything very quickly, as soon as it doesn't fulfill my capacities.Now I am finishing my last year of school I and I really want it to end, I am so stuck in it, I need a change in everything to keep this passion we have inside.
What helps me a lot is to dance. Dancing isn't only a physical activity but also a mental stimulation. Try it.
As I said, I am so stuck in this routine (it sucks!) but when I dance, I only want to dance more and explore the world, and it helps me get through this anxiety I have sometimes.
So, if as normal, your daily routine makes you feel frustrated or useless, try exercising, and really, really, try to change. Most of the barriers in our life we create ourselves, every single difficulty is relative. Change your mind and you'll change everything!

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