INTJ's version of Netflix and chill ..
Deep, intellectual, intelligent debate and mind stimulating conversation?

Really though, serious inquiry lol - if anyone would like to be destroyed by an extremely intelligent female debating virtually any topic you'd like to, I'm dying for some good conversation. And you won't be disappointed, I can promise you that.


Elrond Half-Elven says...

Hey, so I’m avalible, at least for now. Just tell me if you want to talk, ‘cause I really don’t know if you’re still monitoring this topic. But I’m an INTJ and ready to debate/discuss!

Annonymous says...

I'll debate you on anything im in my power to.  Or listen to new information i'm unaware of.  Of course I'm an INTJ as well.

Hazel says...

Does it have to be a debate? Can't we just ramble on and respect each others' opinions?


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