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Deep, intellectual, intelligent debate and mind stimulating conversation?

Really though, serious inquiry lol - if anyone would like to be destroyed by an extremely intelligent female debating virtually any topic you'd like to, I'm dying for some good conversation. And you won't be disappointed, I can promise you that.


Elrond Half-Elven says...

Hey, so I’m avalible, at least for now. Just tell me if you want to talk, ‘cause I really don’t know if you’re still monitoring this topic. But I’m an INTJ and ready to debate/discuss!

Annonymous says...

I'll debate you on anything im in my power to.  Or listen to new information i'm unaware of.  Of course I'm an INTJ as well.

Hazel says...

Does it have to be a debate? Can't we just ramble on and respect each others' opinions?


Elrond Half-Elven says...

If you want to do that, you can find that nearly anywhere on the internet. These are the sparring-grounds.

Beth Redcay (not verified) says...

I'd like to join in. I'm kind-of unemployed at the moment (substitute teacher+Summertime) and need some form of stimulating coversation. Beware, though, I am known to not only argue for the Judeo-Christian Republican values, I also get into very tedious discussions concerning theology.

INTJ Male (not verified) says...

I'll stir the pot: Let's discuss Mass shootings. I know we all have an opinion on guns, but we are INTJs, so let's try to avoid blaming 'the gun' or blaming 'the NRA' and look at this more from a psychological aspect: the shooter's mental state, the mis-information, the sensationalism and the media's influence on our beliefs about mass shootings.

- What is a 'mass shooting'? Do people have to die? If so, how many? Over what time span?

- What are the real facts? And what definition of 'mass shooting' are they based upon?

- Does the media have an agenda?

- Do politicians have an agenda?

- Are Americans (and the World) lead to believe that the United States has the most mass shootings of any country? Why?

- Should we rank 'mass shootings' by how many occur, or how many people are killed? Or perhaps how many are injured? Should gang killings, or familicide be considered a 'mass shooting'?

- Do rifles really kill more people than knives?

- Does anyone really know what causes a person to plan and carry out a mass shooting?

- Do we have a problem with our mental health care system?

- If someone says, "I am going to be a school shooter", can we stop him? What can we do about it?

These questions are just a few of the things I've thought about, and should be enough to give you something to debate here.


Beth Redcay (not verified) says...

Well, I can't answer all of these, though I do think most (over 80%) of shootings occur due to some form of bullying (I did my Master's Thesis on it). However, I can speak to the brokenness of the mental healthcare system. My mom and I both have bipolar disorder. For years, my mom went to our regular healthcare physician for her prescriptions. Well, family doctor freaks out because he's not technically a psychiatrist and sends her to our regional mental health facility to have them prescribe her meds. For years, she'd been stable. So, she goes to this woman and spends the next year going through doctor-prescribed torture as this psychiatrist continually messes with her medication. At the end of a year--and lots of complaining from my mom--they finally put her back on the exact same medications she was on before (even the same dosage).

I have been going to another psychiatrist from the same group (seriously, only mental health group in our area. Even the hospitals use these guys). I ended up with him after my first doctor was an ass and the second doctor specialized in children and adolescents. He spent a year trying to force feed me anti-psychotics, even though I was not having a big problem with seeing things, but was struggling with depression (he also cut my anti-depressant). Two made me so sleepy I almost fell asleep at the wheel several times, and the others were not covered by insurance and cost upwards of $1,000 a month.

I can speak with authority on this matter: the mental health industry is a bunch of pill-pushing idiots whose sole-purpose is to diagnose more people so that they can force-feed pills. 90% do not care how you actually feel, and another 40% are narcissistic asses (my first psychiatrist straight-up told me no one liked me on my first visit). This is why we have an outbreak of young boys diagnosed as ADHD and given ritalin.

Elrond Half-Elven says...

Of course, all of these answers are my opinions, not necessarily facts.

1. A mass shooting is when someone at least attempts to shoot approximately 5+ people with the aid of a gun.

2. I simply have no idea. Clean information is so messed up these days, it's hard to know anything for sure.

3. Certaintly. The majority of them are either influenced by politicians, or are just trying to get people to look at them. Those who actually want to convey accurate information are few and far between. Either way, they have an agenda.

4. Again--certaintly. Everyone has an agenda. Whether that agenda is good or bad is up for debate.

5. I don't stay up to date on news very well right now, so I can't really say.

6. What do you mean by 'rank'? 7. Gang killing--depends upon circumstance. Familicide--probably not, it is in a catagory by itself.

8. It really depends on if these are spur-of-the-moment killings, or premeditated. Knives if the former, rifles if the latter.

9. Yes. Our mental health care system is as just messed up as the rest of the health care system.

10. I don't know, but I assume that the government has some program in place to help/prevent those people from becoming school shooters.


Again, these are simply based off of the little I know on this subject. Just so I make myself clear, I am pro-gun.

So I am going to throw out another topic for debate: Public Schooling vs Private Schooling vs Structured Homeschooling vs Unstructured Homeschooling. 

Which one did you grow up with?

Which is better? Why?


P.S. Do any of you guys have an account on The writing is easier there, in my opinion.

Beth Redcay (not verified) says...

As to number 10, I think the closest the government has come to creating an anti-shooter program is to require schools to do some form of mental health/anti-bullying program. I haven't heard of anything substantial (though most of the media would love us to focus on the non-issue of gun control {I point to the recent shooting in Toronto as proof gun control does not equal safety}).

As to your questions concerning schooling, I participated in three of the four types you mentioned. I graduated with a master's in education, as did my mother. Neither of us believe unstructured homeschooling i.e. unschooling is proper and actually beneficial to students. All three that I attended had positives, but in the end, I believe if a family has the financial capability, they have the moral duty to homeschool. Lay aside the fact that a public school cannot possibly attend to a child's spiritual needs (I know many atheist/agnostic/non-religious people will argue against the idea that children should be schooled using the Bible as an authoritative text). When it comes to the most recent educational research, all educators agree that each child needs an individualized learning program that fits their personality. learning style, multiple intelligence, and personal interests, let alone the fact that they need to first have physical, emotional, and psychological needs met first and foremost. It is also almost universally accepted that a teacher cannot possibly reach every child--especially considering this day and age which will not allow us to group based off of ability level, thus making one more distinction for the teacher to try to consider in lesson planning.

I taught in a rural school in which they had the worst behavior year on record. Many students suffered because while I tried to plan lessons to hit every ability level, personality type, learning style, multiple intelligence, and make it interesting, I also had to manage the classroom. One class contained one student with oppositional defiant disorder, three with ADHD, another one with a learning disabiltiy (not aforementioned), and one student with a straight up bad attitude who desired to be the center of attention. On top of that, there were two "good" students who bullied the ODD student in a way that no teacher could actually punish them. Any given class could end up with me trying to stop one kid from cutting off another's hair, with another refusing to stay seated, with a third teasing my ODD student while I'm still trying to teach the lesson. Needless to say, I had five or six amazing students in there and they sadly could not get the education they deserved because I had to first and foremost ensure the physical and emotional safety of the classroom (did I mention these were eighth graders?). These good students deserved individualized attention to help them grow, but because they were five or six students in a class of twenty, I had to consider other needs first. Homeschooling would let these students move quicker through the information without wasting their time in a class where one student is having a total meltdown and cussing out the vice-principal.

Private schools aren't much better, as many Christian schools these days are either a) filled with students who were kicked out of public school or b) filled with pretentious adolescents with helicopter parents. I had one student who had an IEP that allowed her to skip school because of her anxiety, which was induced by her workload.

Any issue brought up by homeschooling I can easily refute. Lack of social interaction? I met numerous homeschoolers (I graduated with 65 students, who all had brothers and sisters who were or are homeschooled). Of those, I met one--you heard me--one student with any social issues, and it was due to his autism. However, no one would have ever known he had this disability if his mother did not tell them. He was very well socialized. All of us met on a regular basis to talk and have discussions, perform plays, etc. Lack of academic rigor? Ha. 90% of homeschoolers actually perform better than their public school counterpart. Lack of discipline? Again, I laugh because I know many homeschoolers who do struggle with that, but still graduate on time (because, what you don't finish by June you finish during the summer. Remember? Flexible schedule). There are many programs and curriculums available for parents who do not feel comfortable creating one themselves. No excuses.

Elrond Half-Elven says...

Excellent! Actually, I am currently being homeschooled, and was ready to debate with any anti-homeschooler. But apparently we are both very pro-homeschool. Nice to meet you. 


Elrond Half-Elven says...

So thus far, we haven’t really had much to debate about. Let’s throw a few bombs in.

Conservative vs Liberal Government? I lean Conservative.

There—we’ll see it we disagree on something. :)


Elrond Half-Elven says...

Also, I am pro-gun, anti-abortion, and very capitalist.

Elrond Half-Elven says...

Sorry, I keep adding to this. Also, I do not believe gay marriage is by definition marriage, although I also believe that the government should not interfere.

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