Anybody else want to be an astronomer?


Bard says...

Not me, but that's fascinating. What got you interested in astronomy? What about your personality and talents inclines you that way? It's not the first field I would think of as attracting INFPs like you (and me).

caddored says...

All during my childhood, I wanted to be an astronomer. I find it fascinating to think of all the other worlds out there and how much we still have left to explore. I never had a guidance counselor in High School, so I didn't know how to go about becoming one, and this was way before the Internet when researching was very time consuming. I never pursued the career, but now I'm an Electronic Technician (very close Engineering Technician which is supposed to be a job hated by our type) and I work for a company that builds satellites (and rockets to launch them). So now I am building the items that are used to discover the worlds that fascinated me as a child. :) I'm also curious about your answers to the questions asked by Bard. What interests you the most about Astronomy?

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