I'm 42, female, and find my self getting amazing jobs, but quitting them within 8 months. I always do top notch work, and enjoy the job but I always come to a point where I either get bored or most of all, need more time off for me. I'll wake up ready to go and at the last second, call off or just not go in. Once I get lots of write ups, I just quit or end up terminated. I have moved a lot, have done fast food, retail, factory. Best job I had was 11.50 an hour, was a temp, was going to be hired in in 6 months and jump to 15 an hour min but was tied in for a job there paying 20 to start. I fudged that up too and now im about to start at a fast food job as management. I know I'm a chronic quitter and I'm not getting anywhere at all, and I can't keep it up, but I also can't stop it from happening starting about 3 months into the job. I keep screwing myself royally and can't stop. WHY? :(


lexie.white says...

I'm actually an INTP, but I share your problem as well!!! And the reason why NPs have difficulty finishing things they start is because of our cognitive functions. We all have high Ne, or extroverted intuition, which basically allows us to see every possibility and opportunity. It means that our interests can change really quickly, prompting us to abandon a project that we started on in order to pursue something else that grabs our attention. It is both a blessing and a curse!!! But since INFPs have very strong morals and are exceedingly passionate about what they do, I'm sure that you'll find an occupation that really allows you to express yourself, stay true to yourself, and give your life meaning. This is what INFPs usually strive for (Dominant introverted feeling) so once you find that, your Ne should calm down a bit! I hope this helped:)

Donna Lucas (not verified) says...

You put that in a excellent manner it really describes me,from head to toe. it seems I change jobs every three years . I noticed a pattern recently when I updated my resume. But can you tell me what in Ne means?

Tatiana (not verified) says...

I think you have a very negative self view. If you truly are an INFP then your life is always evolving into what your highest values are so you shouldn't put much stock into society's values such as staying at a particular job for a particular judged amount of time. You need to honor your values and you aren't doing that by judging yourself by society's standards and calling yourself a pejorative name like quitter. I think you need to start adapting your lifestyle to your feelings. If you felt you needed to quit than accept t hat it was necessary. A lot of iNFPs have financial problems because their jobs do not meet their high standard of values. Yes you might be homeless but you know what I would rather be homeless and not doing something against my value system than have money and be violating it. Think about it. If you are truly INFP your values come first. Your freedom to create a nd BE yourself comes first.

NickG88 (not verified) says...

Thanks Lexie and Tatiana, you both explained things very well. I absolutely agree with you Tatiana in that I would rather be homeless than do something against my value system.
Unfortunately, being unemployed is starting to take a toll on my mental health. One of my values is healthy body, healthy mind. So i have become almost a bit obsessive in what I eat, which includes lots of fresh fruit, veg, nuts, lean proteins and some supplements which aren't cheap. But now that I'm running out of cash i won't be able to adhere to my values of staying healthy. I have been a barista in a cafe for many years but it has taken its toll on me, working like a robot for minimum wage. But now I don't know where to start to begin a new career. I recently dropped out of paramedical science, again, because of my strict values. I am moving away from western medicine and while I know medication is required quiet often, particularly in emergency situations, I think they are bandaid solutions to more serious problems most of the time. I found the industry too depressing for my sensitive nature.

gds (not verified) says...

My mother always told me that I was a quitter and would never finish anything! She even told me to quit college when it became difficult! I used her words as my fuel to continue - to prove that I could finish things. Fast forward many years, and I have two master's degrees and a Ph.D.
You have to believe in yourself!
Good luck!

Radi (not verified) says...

I am an INFP. Yes, I have a value system within me, an original and authentic person (at least I always give my best effort to be keep authentic to myself), but I am not a quitter. I think an INFP is not a quitter, they are strong and persistent. The "open minded and perceiving, always open to possibilities" thing is true but it is not a factor/reason for me to quit.
I worked in the same company as Sales & Marketing, now already 5 years. I got a promotion to be a Sales Manager.
I can tell you that I did really struggle in my early years and career, but I managed to overcome it. I found that to live our dream, we have to be more realistic in our approach of life. My dream is to be University lecturer and it doesn't mean my current job stop me to chase it. I know I wouldn't work forever as Sales Manager (my value is to work in education field), but to be realistic, finding a job is hard these times and we have to work for our daily life spending and needs.
I take a master degree in economics (to take a degree so I can teach in university), I can pay the tuition fee by my current job.
I learn so many things from my current job and it enrich me with experience, ability, skill and maturity outside my natural personality (INFP), and it is a good thing.
So please change your view of yourself, remember that your trait (INFP) is a strength you can use. Don't use it as your excuse. it is not related with the habit of quitting.
I know you can do it, be strong.

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