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It's been quite some time since I got interested in typology and personality types. The first test I took was the 16personalities.com's Neris type explorer and the result I got was INFJ. Since then, in a period of three years, I've tested as INTJ, ENTJ and ENFJ.

The test results switch from I to E has probably had to do with me getting more confidence and becoming more open a person when getting older as well as having worked as a salesperson and a fundraiser. But still, it's odd that a person would score so many different types in such a short frame of time. It seems that the only place where there has been consistency have been the letters N and J.

The confusion was so strong that I needed to delve deep to the Jungian cognitive functions theory. I reasoned that I fit to the Fe-Ti- axis, which would lead to me being an FJ or TP type. I also am fairly certain that I'm and intuitive. That's an NFJ or NTP. I'm quite ambiverted in that sense that I spend lots of time reading and introspecting, but I also have a high activity level and tend to be really expressive and enthusiastic in circumstances that allow it.

Meeting new people and having a meaningful conversation with them is one of the biggest joys life has to offer. I could basically be a balanced ENFJ, INFJ, ENTP or INTP. I might say I'm not as scatterbrained as Ne-types sometimes seem to be. All the cognitive functions tests I've taken score highest on Ni and Fe, which translates to the types INFJ and ENFJ. I have suspected ENFJ because of the high activity level and expressiveness I mentioned.

The reason why I've started to doubt my type is that although the ENFJ's description matches me in many ways, most of my friends seem to be NT types and my need for intellectual discussion oftentimes surpasses the need for emotional connection and all the nice banter people around me engage in. Wouldn't it be more natural for an ENFJ to engage rather than withdraw in situations where people are talking about things that are of no interest to him, but he still knows the people and likes them? I try to do it, but sometimes just talking about the latest gossip and people's weekend binges gets quite ravening. Also, the need for excessive banter and jokecracking isn't there. To my fortune (or misfortune) I'm surrounded by ENTJs, ESTJs and ESTPs, who have their ways with those things. I just don't feel compelled to participate and that makes me doubt if I'm a real extrovert as I can be quite a loner sometimes.

All in all, I still think the most likely types are ENFJ, INFJ and possibly INTJ and ENTJ. I can't make up my mind between those.


Lauren Davis (not verified) says...


I understand your frustration! It sounds like you have had quite the journey to self discovery! I think it is cool that you are so well rounded that you get many different scores. As an ENFJ myself, I have noticed that this type and the INFJ type are a little more difficult than other types to pinpoint. The INFJ, because they are so rare and turbulent, and the ENFJ because the have the chameleon tendency, and change drastically depending on the social situation that they are in.

I am no expert, but from what you talked about, you sound like an ENFJ to me. Here is my reasoning: You consistently scored high on NJ, so I think that is pretty obvious you are some sort of Intuitive Judger. As far as Feeling goes, which I'm sure you already know, that is how you make decisions. It sounds like you are very well rounded, so you are good at using logic and reasoning. But when all is said and done, do you generally make decisions based off of your internal values AND/OR the people involved, or cold hard logic? I am guessing you are a Feeler. Extroversion and Introversion are the most tricky if you ask me, because in my opinion, it changes from situation to situation. Plus, there are such things as extroverted introverts, and introverted extroverts ha ha! Though I am an ENFJ, there are many situations where I am definitely more introverted. I dont necessarily enjoy the latest gossip, or other trivial things in conversation, but if you get me on topic of saving the world, a controversial topic, or an intellectually abstract idea, I could talk for hours! Since you are surrounded by T's who like logic debate and banter, an ENFJ would match whatever expressions are of the people around them...so it makes sense that you would be able to connect well with them on an intellectual level due to that chameleon-like tendency that ENFL's have. Gossip may not be fun for you to listen to, but if you are an ENFJ, though you may not like it, you would listen and validate those listening to a certain degree.

Well, there is my two cents! Not sure if it helped. Good luck!

-Fellow ENFJ :)

Aidan (not verified) says...

I am an INTJ and I think the tendency to talk a lot about "saving the world, a controversial topic, or an intellectually abstract idea" is an Introverted Intuition thing (even though ENFJ are extroverted, their Intuition function works predominantly introvertedly, basically meaning you think a lot about abstract ideas and such). I also have that tendency. The best way to tell whether you're an INFJ and ENFJ (which in some cases is honestly very difficult because even an introvert can get very good at using their extroverted function and vice-versa) is to think about whether you rely more on your introverted intuition, allowing yourself to look at the big picture and such; or more on extroverted feeling, generally making you very expressive facially and verbally. It's just a matter of figuring out how to weigh the two.

CourtneyS (not verified) says...

I changed from an ENTP to an ENFJ so two of my letters changed. A lot can happen with growth over the years of life with experiences. Shocked me for two letters to change but I am so an ENFJ. My E would never change as I score way on the E side. So not an I at all. But the TP to FJ scored close to the middle. So we are not always 100% in any one letter category. I think we are some of both sides but maybe slightly more in one side than the other. Make sense?

Aidan (not verified) says...

This is correct that we are not 100% anything. It helps to think of each letter as independent and not like a scale as they are often depicted. You can have strong intuition and strong sensing, and it'll put you at about 50% for example. This is why people often consider themselves ambiverts. Because, in the context of an ENFJ, the N is used introvertedly and the F is used extrovertedly. If the N is strong like maybe 80% and the F is weak perhaps 60%, it can be difficult to tell because of the balance of introverted and extroverted functions. Hope that made any sense haha.

Anika Dunley (not verified) says...

Hmm. I did the same thing, switching between ENFJ and ENTP. I wonder if that is common. I can't decide between the two, because I don't fit with the compasionate, encouraging part of being and ENFJ, but I fit with everything else. As for ENTP, I enjoy learning and arguing, but I don't nessicarily argue for the fun of it, and I am organized.

Annonymous says...

Here is something one MUST think about when doing these test.  Once you know your personality, it is unlikly you will get the same one.  People who know their personality will start trying to answer "correctly" instead of truthfully.  Unless you have really high numbers, its unlikely you will get the same answer twice back to back.

Namasteji (not verified) says...

Here's my Long Term Outcome: My first test was almost 40 years ago. I'm an INFJ.  In my early 20's I was unsettled and results varied until age 27. For me introversion/ extroversion varied slightly and X was split between F/T preferences. I tested INXJ, ENFJ, INTJ, & age 27 INFJ. The (I) introversion settled first and was followed by the (F) preference. Temperament has never changed since the test at age 27. Feeling and analytic sides are fairly balanced but I prefer feeling first & use analytic skills more professionally.  I have an M.Ed and have worked in Education, Business & Marketing. I'm approaching age 60 and have found professional life uncomfortable and not the best fit.  However in spite of discomfort I have been fairly successful professionally, & in community contributions. (But) Laughs... I really hate lots of interaction and find it exhausting. Other stuff for analysis (winks) I am female, divorced.  The majority of men attracted to me are (NT) types. In recent yrs I have had 4000 men respond to me from basic online date sites. More than 90% have been (NT). I am Not attracted to (NT) since I use (T) for work but would rather not deal with (T) processing or preference during my down time. I have noted that (NT) think they are connecting to me becuz we identify problem-solving strategies similarly. But what's happening is I emotionally distance from them becuz relating in a sterile framework is extremely unappealing for me. I get they connect to clear/precision communication, etc. But for me I only communicate like that to give feedback or professionally. If I use precision communication in a social context outside work it means I don't like them...Not that we are on the same wavelength. Unfortunately they can't see that. Sorry, I know that's probably to much information....

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