Hey guys, I just took the free test and I think I'm ENFJ but I'm shy about talking to people I don't know. But once I know them I'm totally an extrovert. I also hate public speaking... I'm terrified of it. Do you think I'm still enfj?


Mindbodymarcus says...

Hey I'm an ENTJ! Yeah you're probably still an ENFJ.

Rainbow (not verified) says...

I'm an ENFJ and I am terrified of public speaking. What's funny though is that I love talking and entertaining people in more natural environments. I also work with sales and am good at it because of how social I am... So you'd think public speaking should be fine.. But it really is one of the scariest things for me.

Markus (not verified) says...

I would consider you might be an INFJ. We share all the cognitive Functions, but the order is mixed around. INFJs share the Extraverted Feeling as their way to interact with their enviroment, but not as their leading, but their supporting functions. Their leading Function is introverted Intuition (2nd for ENFJs). Introverts pretty often get results as Extroverts, because we live in an society ruled by Extraverts and most Introverts learned to act as an Extrovert.
Introverts arent antisocial! They just prefer to be calm and reserved. So when they are with people they know well they open up pretty quick, because know their extraverted function is operating, which is in this case Feeling.

But on the other hand ENFJs can be shy, too. Beeing shy has more to do with fear and feelng unworthy, than with the personality-type.
The difference is, that an ENFJ most of the time really wants to open up and needs just little time afterwards to reflect. They are extraverted Judger, which means they rather act first and think afterwards.
An INTJ is an introverted Judger, which means he/she prefers to know all the information, before they decide. You might say, they are "inactive" on purpuse, until they know what to expect from you.

To make a long story short: It depends on what you mean with shy. If you mean you feel more comfortable acting this way you might be an INFJ. If you feel miserable because you are shy, than it looks more like ENFJ.

As an ENFJ I was shy in the past in moments, when I didn´t feel accepted or feared to be judged. I can also be reserved and calm, but only when I must. Those situations are energy-taking and so I always need to express myself after a while. For INFJ it´s the other way round. They need to recover from expressing theirselves, because for them thats energy-taking.
If you are not sure, just watch yourself for a while. You´ll notice what gives you energy and so you´ll find your type. Just keep in mind enjoying something or beeing good in it doesn´t mean it helps you to recover.

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