Anyone have any suggestions for activities that I could use to highlight the meaning of the Sensing/Intuition preference for a group? I'm leading a team meeting and I'd like to do an activity to help people understand how this preference manifests in real life.


Angela (not verified) says...

You can show the group either an object or a picture and ask them to describe it. Usually the Sensors will give facts and details, while the Intuitives will get a little more whimsical and tell a story about what they see. Here's some more detail and some other exercises for the other 3 preferences too:

AdamHR (not verified) says...

I second Angela's comment about describing a picture or object. I once participated in a team building offsite and the instructor showed us a picture for about 5-10 seconds, and then asked us to tell us what we saw. There was a clear difference between the responses from the Intuitives (big picture) and the Sensors (details).

Then she went further and asked us if we had even noticed the things that the other type had mentioned. Some people had, some people hadn't. This helped to illustrate that it's not always just that S/N types notice different things, it can also be that they simply prioritize different things. That was very helpful to some people who were reluctant to embrace being a Intuitive, for example, because they assumed they could only be an Intuitive if they were not good with facts and details.

Guest (not verified) says...

Any particular type of picture you would recommend for best results?

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