Did anyone else get intuitive or sensor & 4 possible personality types?


Monica Postle (not verified) says...

Yes. When I first took the test it appeared that I was borderline Extrovert Introvert. I was borderline Intuitive Sensor and I was also borderline Judging Perceiving. What a chameleon I seem to be!

Amylee.beck says...

I also got 4 potential matches. I'm borderline Extraverted/Introverted which other sites/tests have also revealed but also borderline on judging/perceiving. I've always felt I was an extravert trapped in an introvert's body or vice versa so that was nothing new. Just depends on what's happening in my life at the time. I am truly more introverted naturally but if I've been going through difficult situations with family, friends, relationship, work projects, etc, I tend to become even more so introverted. If things have been going well, no drama in life, and I'm feeling good I would veer more toward an extravert.

I don't actually think that judging fits me with the exception of wanting order and organization to some things. I don't really like chaos. At least not chaos created by others. And I do subscribe to the "a place for everything and everything in its place" theory. My home is tidy. I don't like clutter. I like things organized and labeled. This of course could also speak more toward the appeal for beauty, design, creativity, and decorating as well. A beautifully designed and decorated home is not so easy to appreciate if its a cluttered mess. Also, what I consider orderly or organized may not be someone else's idea of organized if that makes sense?

As for being a chameleon as the other person replied, I think there is truth to that. INFPs are somewhat of an enigma after all and we have a terrible time making decisions and our decisions tend to be depicted based on how we "feel" which means that our answers to these tests are always somewhat chameleon-like in nature anyway, no?

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