16 Shades of Love! 

Has anyone noticed that we represent the 16 sides of GOD's Love in; 1 Corinthians 13:4-8? 

1. Long Suffering - ISFJ 
2. Kind - ISFP
3. Envieth Not - ESTP
4. Vaunteth Not Itself - ISTP 
5. Not Puffed Up - INTP
6. Doesn't Behave Itself Unseemly - ISTJ
7. Seeketh Not Her Own - ENFJ
8. Not Easily Provoked - ESFP
9. Thinketh No Evil - INTJ
10. Rejoiceth Not In Iniquity - INFJ
11. Rejoiceth In The Truth - ENTP
12. Beareth All Things - ESFJ
13. Believeth All Things - ENFP
14. Hopeth All Things - INFP
15. Endureth All Things - ESTJ
16. Never Faileth - ENTJ 

 Had to go KJV for the poetic feel, :) lol... baring in mind though I feel we only truly resonate these qualities at full wack when we're closer to GOD, through the Holy Spirit...


Guest (not verified) says...

Hope the insight is helpful

sharpnackm says...

That's really interesting. How did you come up with the comparison of those traits to the different types?

Guest (not verified) says...

GOD highlighted on how he made the human spirit to me in a revelation....

Human (s)pirit [small s is human spirit] which is whom everyone is, a spirit, that has a soul and that lives inside a body!:

Realm of our; creativity, imagination, foresight, understanding, discernment, spiritual unctions and awareness

The 16 manifestations of GOD's soul... need I say much more on that one and yes GOD has a soul... 'Christ talk about having a grieved soul' Mathew 26:38

Sound mind:
The capacity to control our human temples, the sole controller of our earthen vessels that we dwell in every livin day

enfp guest (not verified) says...

I love this! this is why I love everyone! :))))

PatrickJames (not verified) says...

Great contribution

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