I am a proud INFJ! 
I've always felt different than most people my age , you could call me an old soul. I've always felt wise beyond my years, I've Always had a completely dissimilar mindset and personality than most people my age.
 I initially felt streams of loneliness when I acknowledged who I really was because no one really understood me, neither my passions, my spiritual awakened soul, my perception of love. 

But after months of enduring solitude, I began to realise that, it was great to secretly stand out , because no one ever knew who I really was. I always felt morally and verbally superior to people. 
But it isnt just feeling superior to people that I love about being an INFJ, it's about having deep intellectual connections with people and assisting them through hard times 
I often turn into a poet at times, and I'm not suprised because I'm massively attracted to art, books, spiritual journey's and history. 

Love; has always been the most complicated thing for me. I know I am young and at my age the prospect of being in love is a distraction and just playful. I'm not stereotyping opinions about young love , but I feel like I could be more passionately in love with someone compared to adults nowadays.   
It really is hard to be in a generation where authenticity and  loyalty is deteriorating, because nowadays love is just seen as a tool for validation and a past time. ( respect to those who do maintain authentic relationships) 
And being an INFJ, you just cannot settle for anything less than you deserve, it's hard. I'm not a seeker for love, I'm not in desperate need for it, but I just hope I will once encounter someone with this personality, it doesn't even have to be a love encounter, even a friend. 

To sum up the aforementioned explorations of being an INFJ 
Everyone falling under this personality, should honestly feel blessed. 


CathrynH (not verified) says...

Reading your post sounds very familiar! I'm an INFJ, 30 years old though, so have lived a bit longer than you. But yes, I remember what it was like at 15. I  never felt like anyone understood me when I was growing up, always felt kind of detached from my peers at school, since I was introverted and not as shallow as those around me.  I still have to temper my judgemental side, since I'm confident, intelligent, and kind, I sometimes just don't get people who aren't. I've grown a lot since 15. Had to become more extroverted due to business, so now am introverted with some extroverted tendencies (I still need time by myself, and prefer smaller groups of people. I'm also friendly, have no problem chatting with someone I've never met before or speaking in front of a group of people.) 

I most definitely felt like an old soul at 15, was always interested in deeper things, have been spiritual for most of my life, and have had a clear idea of how I define love for a very long time. 


All that to say, you are not in a boat alone. I am so thankful for exactly who I am, and the mindset I bring to those around me. I had enough time to truly think about my life, and most of the important decisions I made, and am truly happy with who and where I am. Enjoy being 15. 

leanne blake (not verified) says...

i am 14 almost turning15 i am an INFJ also i alwyas felt diffent just did not know till know 

Guest (not verified) says...

I'm 16 years old and reading this was like reading one of the many pages from my journal. I know exactly how this feels, glad to know that I'm not the only INFJ teen feeling this way! Thank you

rosegeranium says...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I remember feeling the same when I was 15 (now 29). Stay true to who you are, but a word of advice - try your best to go 'down' at others' levels sometimes, when the need arises (like when people need empathy). I was a hard-headed, ambitious INFJ back in high school and I had a hard time being patient with others who aren't as thoughtful, contemplative and reflective as I am. It created a lot of unneeded misunderstandings. I should've practised this wisdom - "If you have nothing beautiful to say, be quiet.".

Badjoe (not verified) says...

Exactly have felt the same and have had the same thought's about the topic's you've mentioned above and i am almost about 16 or so, there are many of us out there who feel like that however most of us seem to be just hidden in the closets

Lady Soul Blade says...

I am also an INFJ, and 16 years old.  I understand completely.  Despite my young age, I’ve felt for a long time like an adult trapped in a teenager’s body.  I am an old soul, and almost all of my friends are adults.  I’ve never felt like I fit in with people my age, but I am extremely glad to see other people who get this, and feel this way.  I deeply relate to points, especially on the subject of love.  Ever since I was little, I’ve longed for a relationship.  And not a flighty, shallow, or “young love” (as you put it so well) relationship, but something deep, mature, and with real connection, dedication, and love.  I am sure a soul such as yourself with find this one day, my friend, though I know the rarity of our personality and our view of love combined with our young age makes circumstances difficult sometimes.  

I’m glad to have found your comment, and that of those who responded to you who are similar rare gems.

God bless you and your wonderful spirit. :)

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