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Abby Lunardini is Truity’s CMO. Before coming to Truity, she held marketing & communications roles in philanthropy, politics and the private sector. Abby is a political and true crime junkie, and is also really into airplanes. She is an ISFJ and Enneagram 3, who lives with her husband and three small, busy humans in a home that (despite her control freak tendencies) has a distinct “lord of the flies” vibe.

Your road trip style, based on your Big Five personality type

Despite continued travel uncertainty, after 24 months of pent-up wanderlust many are determined to make 2022 their “year of travel.” With many cautions still in place for travelers, pandemic-inspired trends continue to flourish – including the resurgence of the road trip and the desire to find more meaningful experiences that truly connect us with people and places (see AirBnb’s 2021 report on


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