How do INFJs Give and Receive Love?

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on August 25, 2022

When it comes to romantic relationships, understanding how you give and receive love matters. As a rule, you exhibit a common pattern for how you show love and appreciation to your partner, and how you receive love from your significant other in return. You may be familiar with the 5 Love Languages developed by marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman.

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5 INFP Traits That Are Both Good and Bad at the Same Time

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on August 24, 2022

As an INFP, I know that the good and the bad things about our personalities are often just different sides of the same coin. Even the good traits we have can be hard to live with at times, and the parts that may seem negative can be turned into positives when we put our ability to see things differently to good use.

How do Enneagram 8s Deal with People They Don't Like?

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on August 23, 2022

Enneagram 8s are a lot of things - but subtle isn’t one of them! These types find it impossible to hide their feelings, especially if they’re unhappy, angry or frustrated by something happening around them. If they run into someone they don’t like, there’s likely to be a slip of the tongue, a roll of the eyes or even a choice word or two that reveals exactly what they’re feeling. An Enneagram 8 rarely pretends. 

When it comes to people they don’t like, Enneagram 8s will usually choose one of four responses: 

How to Manage the Survival Games You Play

When we are stressed, frightened or hurt, various systems kick into action to keep us safe. Some of these are biological, such as the fight or flight hormone response that prompts us to stay and fight or run away.  Others are related to our personalities, such as the tendency to act out when our needs aren’t being met, or to protect our self-esteem from taking any more hits than it can handle. 

Getting and Staying Healthy YOUR Way – What the Science Says

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on August 19, 2022

In a previous blog “Can Your Personality Type Predispose You to Certain Health Risks…and Chronic Diseases?” I shared the results of a first-of-its-kind, original scientific study which showed that Personality Type is strongly correlated with certain health risk factors and may predict susceptibility to specific chronic illnesses.

How to Find your Enneagram Wing and Why It Matters

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on August 18, 2022

Figuring out your main Enneagram type is just the beginning of your journey of self discovery. The next step is to determine your Enneagram wing, which you can think of as a co-pilot or a superhero sidekick to your main personality type. We borrow certain traits from our wing. This explains why people with the same Enneagram number may behave quite differently a lot of the time.

13 Experiences Every ENTJ Has When Working in Teams

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on August 17, 2022

ENTJs are notoriously decisive, direct, individualistic and driven. That doesn’t change just because they’re working in teams. 

An ENTJ will always naturally take the lead in a team setting, even if they’re not the ones technically in charge. They can’t help but put themselves at the front of the pack, and they’re most engaged when they have the power to direct their team and be a key decision-maker.

On the flip side, they’re not the best at deferring to other people. This is where ENTJs can quickly get frustrated.

Temperaments: A Simpler Model for Understanding Motivations at Work

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on August 15, 2022

This blog post is part of our Truity at Work series for those who are new to people management. In these posts, we’re creating useful content for managers and teams alike, helping you to understand personality, improve communication, and navigate conflict and change with ease. For an overview of the series, start with our introductory post here.

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