There Are 9 Types of Intelligence - Which One Fits Your Personality Type?

You’ve heard of the 16-type personality system, but what about the 9 types of intelligence? The multiple intelligence theory organizes people into different categories depending on where their skills lie. You might be a logician or have strong musical intelligence or anything in between.

If you want to know which type of intelligence fits your personality type, keep reading!

How to Problem-Solve as a Team Using the Zig-Zag Method

This blog post is part of our Truity at Work series for those who are new to people management. In these posts, we’re creating useful content for managers and teams alike, helping you to understand personality, improve communication, and navigate conflict and change with ease. For an overview of the series, start with our introductory post here.

What to Do When an Introvert Ignores You

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on May 20, 2022

Some people find their introverted friends enigmatic—and even if you’re an Introvert, seeing eye-to-eye with your fellow Introverts isn’t always a clear-cut process. Since Introverts experience a wide range of distractions in their lives, both in their inner world and the overwhelming stimuli of the outside world, it’s hard to be sure if their lack of response is purposeful. So what do you do when an Introvert ignores you?

7 Unintended Consequences of Personality Testing

When you try personality testing for the first time, you might be surprised by the knock-on effect it can have in all aspects of your life. Knowing your personality type can open up new doors to understanding yourself and the people around you.

Curious to know more? Here are 7 unintended consequences of personality testing that you might not be prepared for…

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