Hate your job? How to use your personality type to find meaning at work

A Q&A with Paul Tieger, Behavioral Scientist & bestselling co-author of “Do What You Are”

Our work and careers are such a big part of our lives. We spend a huge chunk of time there, and yet many people are very unhappy and disengaged with their work. In fact, thanks in part to the global pandemic, a “Great Resignation” is now underway, with many people re-examining their core motivations and looking for more meaningful and authentic careers. 

5 Famous Entrepreneurs and Their Personality Types

What makes famous entrepreneurs successful in terms of personality type? Are Introverts or Extraverts more likely to be famous entrepreneurs? Is innovation or tradition more of an asset? Is creativity or leadership more essential? As you’ll see from this small selection, it can be all or any of these traits.

Any personality type could be included in a list of famous entrepreneurs. While Extaverts may be more charismatic, or more visible in the public eye, they don’t necessarily have the advantage over Introverts. 

Enneagram Type 8 Relationship Compatibility

The Enneagram Type Eight, “The Challenger,” is a passionate and protective romantic partner. Eights love and respect a partner who challenges them to be their best self. They seek loyal and independent partners who aren’t afraid to go after what they want in life and love. However, some may see the Eight as too intense and competitive. If the Eight doesn’t learn to soften their edges and embrace vulnerability, it can cause issues in their relationships. 

What Do Enneagram Eights Secretly Want in Relationships?

We bring people into our lives for many different reasons: someone to party with, someone to read with, someone to help defenseless puppies with. But the people who stay in our lives are the ones whom we have grown to trust—trust with our sensitive feelings, delicate thoughts and who understand our desire to live life the way we do. 

At their heart, relationships are a place of vulnerability. 

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What Is an Introvert? 7 Traits All Introverts Have, Even If They Don’t Know It

Although you’ve probably heard the terms “Introvert” and “Extravert” thrown around in conversation, you might not know exactly what these traits mean and how they differ. It’s easy to say Introverts like to stay in while Extraverts like to go out, but few people know why. Because  generic statements are so prevalent, people often find these personality terms confusing and unknowingly perpetuate falsehoods about them. So what is an Introvert, exactly?

Is there really a blood type personality? Here’s what science says

You’ve heard of being cold-blooded, hot-blooded, red-blooded and blue-blooded – but is there really a blood type personality?

Despite popular belief, there is no solid scientific evidence to support the theory that blood type affects personality. A 2014 large-scale survey of over 10,000 people from both Japan and the US found that blood type does not influence personality at all. That doesn’t stop the theory from persisting, though.

Read on to find out more about the blood type personality theory, its history and the science behind it.

The Best Personality Assessments for Coaching

The popularity of personality tests in the workplace continues to rise as organizations see the immense value in using these tools to improve communication and team efficiency. And as organizations work to adapt to the post-pandemic workplace, they are investing more heavily in their people and culture. 

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