All of Your Questions about Enneagram Wings, Answered

So, you’ve taken the Enneagram test. You feel seen, validated, and maybe a little attacked (in a good way, of course). You begin to have a much clearer picture of yourself and what motivates your actions. As you continue to put the pieces of your type together, there’s a major part of the puzzle you stumble upon: Enneagram wings. 

Most Common Stress Responses of Each Enneagram Type and How to Manage Them

Watch: Molly Owens, CEO of Truity, and Steph Barron Hall, Found of Nine Types Co., talk about the Enneagram types and stress on Instagram. 


What do you think about when you think of stress? 

For some of us, the word stress conjures an image of anxiety, frustration and irritation. For others, stress feels like chronic overwhelm: like everything is just too much.

Can Your Personality Type Predispose You to Certain Health Risks…and Chronic Diseases?

A first-of-its-kind original, scientific study showed that Personality Type is strongly correlated with certain health-risk factors and may predict susceptibility to specific chronic illnesses. These findings may help patients with innate predispositions to avoid developing serious medical conditions. 

4 Tips to Help Enneagram Type 4s Overcome a Fear of Rejection

Infinite stores of creativity, out-of-the-box ingenuity, high emotional intelligence, and originality—we Enneagram 4s have so much going for us! 

And yet, the driving force behind our motivation is often a deep-seated feeling that we’re somehow flawed. Sometimes, we get stuck in this endless image of ourselves as flawed creatures who are somehow incapable of achieving the depth of happiness we see others attain, while the positives get completely overlooked.

How INFJs Can Set and Maintain Healthy Boundaries at Work

The pathway to a fulfilling career is doing work that matters to us and using our strengths and natural talents. However, the workplace isn’t always fair, and without healthy boundaries, INFJ personality types may find themselves taking on work that isn’t theirs or becoming everyone’s counselors. As an INFJ, this drains your emotional energy tank — and burns you out in the process. 

Is Everyone More Introverted These Days? Here’s What the Science Says

Over the past year, we’ve all had our unique experiences of adapting to life in a time of pandemic. With lockdowns and work from home mandates, many of us were forced to endure months of near-solitude, and saw our daily routines disrupted. While some saw these restrictions as an opportunity for slowing down, others struggled with the lack of social interaction imposed.

The Best Dating App for Each Enneagram Type

Dating apps are a big industry and, with over 250 million people searching for love online, it’s a common way to look for a partner. But for every fairytale date, you’ll hear a horror story of a meeting gone wrong so it pays to be a bit discerning. When finding a partner, not all personalities seek to connect the same way, and with dozens of dating apps, it can be hard to know which to choose. 

Four Ways Enneagram Type 9s Say ‘No’ Without Saying ‘No’

The Enneagram Type 9 is called the Peacemaker or the Mediator, and with a habit of attention that gravitates towards harmony, these are often the people who hold society together and help the rest of us get along. Easy-going, soothing and gifted at being able to hold multiple points of view simultaneously, Type 9s can be the most powerful type in the Enneagram.

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