Here’s How to Communicate With Friends Who Are Facing Career Struggles

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of unfamiliar concerns along with it. Suddenly our normal, everyday decisions—like whether we should visit a friend or head to the grocery store—have a lot more weight to them.

Beyond wiping down groceries and stocking up on hand sanitizer, many people were saddled with newfound career fears and struggles. 

From Ice Cream Company Founders to World Leaders: Famous Enneagram Types

Described as the “GPS” of wisdom, the Enneagram system of personality has been gaining popularity over the last decade. The Enneagram suggests that our experience in life is dictated largely by where our attention goes. The system outlines nine distinct “habits of attention,” and these habits of attention are correlated with personality traits. When you understand the Enneagram, you understand yourself and those around you better. 

What Extraverts Really Need From Their Introverts This Holiday Season

The perfect holiday period looks different for everyone. For some who type as Extraverts on a Myers and Briggs personality test, it might be a calendar filled with social events, meeting up with friends and family and getting into the holiday spirit with big crowds and parties. For Introverts, it probably involves more time enjoying the calmer aspects of the holiday season, with plenty of time for reflection.

Enneagram Type 2? Here’s How to Ask for Help When You’re Too Afraid to Do So

Enneagram Type 2 personalities are some of the best friends anyone can hope for. You’re kind, nurturing and loving and, no matter what life might throw at people, you’re there to bake cookies and lend an ear. You can be extremely empathic and are genuinely happy to help. What you’re not so great at? Asking for help in return. 

ENFJs and INFPs: Quite Often, A Match Made in Heaven

When ENFJs and INFPs get together, they frequently create relationships that are both harmonious and long-lasting. As Intuitive Feelers (NF), they’re equally dedicated to creating meaningful connections that enrich both parties. They tend to be on the same wavelength, and the bonds they forge often transcend the need for explanation or interpretation.

3 Surefire Ways Judgers and Perceivers Can Manage Change Better

Do you know what you need to thrive during times of change?

This may be a change that you choose like finding a new job, losing weight, or seeking a new romantic relationship. Or it could be a moment of change that you don’t choose, like your favorite yoga studio closing, your job being eliminated, or breaking up with someone you thought was the love of your life. 

On the First Day of Christmas, an Extravert Sang to Me...

It was the 2018 holiday season and my radio was keeping me company as I tended to some task in my kitchen. Soon I heard these familiar words:

It’s the hap - happiest season of all

With those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings

When friends come to call

It’s the hap - happiest season of all

“Hmph!” I thought as I listened. “Maybe some of us would find the Christmas season even happier if there weren’t quite so many people around all the time!”

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