What are Tiffany Haddish’s Myers-Briggs and Enneagram Personality Types?

Famously funny actress Tiffany Haddish has a bold and infectiously positive personality. She’s also incredibly resilient, overcoming tough childhood experiences and working on building her comedy career for nearly two decades before her breakout success in popular comedies such as Girls Trip and Night School. She’s also the author of the best-selling memoir, The Last Black Unicorn. 

Three Self-Sabotaging Things Enneagram Type 6s Do (and How to Stop Doing Them!)

The Enneagram Type 6 is called the Loyalist and the Skeptic and if you have this habit of attention, your mind is gifted at spotting danger and identifying problems before they materialize. You see the fissures before they become cracks, and with your eye for potential pitfalls, you can help make the world a safer place. When you function in a balanced way, you are loyal, committed, hard-working, generous, cooperative, and idealistic in your pursuit of creating a safer and more secure world.  

Back to Work Survey: Introverts, Women and Non-Management Employees May Dread Going Back to the Office — While Leadership and Extraverts are Raring to Go

With vaccine rates increasing and a post-pandemic reality on the horizon, we wondered, “How are workers really feeling about going back to the office?” Turns out, it depends very much on who you ask.

In April 2021, Truity surveyed 3,244 people who have returned or are returning to the office after a period of remote work. The results uncovered some big gulfs about how employees feel about bringing back in-person meetings, fluorescent lighting and pants with zippers. 

Are You an Enneagram Type 2 Ticking Time Bomb?

If you’re a Type 2, the Helper/Giver of the Enneagram,  you don’t need a personality system to know that your attention gravitates towards the needs of others. Relationship-based with high emotional intelligence, you have a gift for connecting with others, and difficult or emotionally distant people are your speciality. You truly care about other people, and this genuine concern helps you win the hearts and minds of friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members. 

What are Ariana Grande’s Myers-Briggs and Enneagram Personality Types?

Pint-sized pop powerhouse Ariana Grande is one of the most famous and respected singers of our time. The pop and R&B star has won numerous awards for her work, including two Grammy awards and three American Music Awards. She is the most followed female on Instagram and Spotify, and has been called “the first female pop diva of the streaming generation.” 

How Personality Type Stacks the Deck in Criminal and Civil Trials

I was a jury consultant for 30 years. My primary job was to help trial attorneys determine if prospective jurors had innate predispositions that would bias them against our case.

I’ve worked on many high-profile trials over the years, including that of Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s first physician-assisted suicide trial. I’d like to share with you what I’ve seen and learned.

Three Things to Never, Ever Say To Your Enneagram Type 4 Partner

I describe the Type 4 Individualist as the Enneagram type who ‘owns’ the emotional spectrum. While the rest of us might feel emotions that color the world like the 48 colors in a Crayola crayon box, Type 4s experience all 366 Crayola shades. If your partner is a Type 4, you are with someone who has a vivid and rich emotional experience; someone who feels dramatic emotional highs and lows.

The Personality Types of your Favorite Children’s Books Characters

The characters in the books we loved as kids have a significant impact in our lives. They find a place in our hearts, shaping how we see the world and often, how we see ourselves. In honor of National Children’s Book Week, we wanted to explore the personality profiles of our favorite children’s book characters -- one for every Myers-Briggs type. Enjoy!

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