What do Enneagram Ones Secretly Want in Love?

Relationships are a wonderful place to help us grow and develop hidden parts of ourselves. It is easy to pretend that we are looking for someone just like us, who sees the world through the same lens or perspective that we do. While that might be what we ask for on the surface, all of us have a deeper want or need in our friendships or relationships—one we don’t often voice, or are even that aware of. 

Enneagram Type 1 Relationship Compatibility

Enneagram Ones strive to be good and honorable in all that they do — and this includes within their relationships. Ones are loyal and growth-oriented partners who sincerely want the best for their partner and the relationship. If you have a One as a partner, you have a faithful and determined companion. 

7 Tips to Help You Manage Conflict as an INFJ

INFJs may be good at many things, but dealing with conflict is certainly not our forte. If there’s one thing this personality type dislikes, it's the idea of having to confront someone. In our peace-making and harmony-seeking minds, everything should be solved without the need to argue. So when conflict arises, an INFJ will probably sweep it under the carpet, ignore it and hope it never comes up again.

Not Sure If You Are An Enneagram Type 2 Or Type 9? Ask Yourself These Four Questions to Find Out.

The Enneagram Type 2 Giver and Type 9 Peacemaker have a lot in common, and it's easy to see how there could be confusion between the two. If you’ve ever felt conflicted trying to decide which one you are, you aren’t the first person to feel you could be both. Let’s explore some of the similarities and key differences between these two personality styles.

What Happens When an INFP Meets Another INFP?

Since INFPs are one of the rarer personality types, I have not often gotten to know “one of my own kind.” At least, I don’t think I have. 

But I do know what it’s like to live as an INFP. Based on this ‘insider knowledge’,  I think I can make some reasonable conjectures about what might happen when an INFP meets another INFP — and it runs the entire gamut of experiences from total bust to mighty boom!

Here’s what happens when two of these imaginative idealists collide. 

Introducing Our New Series: Fundamentals of the Enneagram

I was first introduced to the Enneagram while contracting for a company on a change project. They said “Our organization is mostly Sixes. That will make change harder. Here is Helen Palmer’s book. Go.” 

As I cracked open the book I was thinking, “Six what?” And so I began my journey to determine my type and try to grasp how to apply this knowledge to the organization. 

Enneagram, Faith & Your Relationship: Diffusing Your Passions & Tapping Into Your Virtues

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for deepening one’s spirituality and in finding a truly fulfilling personal path. It’s also an incredibly helpful lens for improving unhealthy patterns and finding joy in your relationships. 

8 Enneagram Four Survival Strategies (for When it’s All Just Too Much)

Stress, frustration, and overload can leave Enneagram Fours feeling completely overwhelmed. These sensitive types may struggle to manage situations that test their limits, as their coping skills are pushed past the breaking point. They are unlikely to flee these environments, however, since they are responsible and would feel guilty about not sticking it out.

If you’re an Enneagram Four, you might be overwhelmed by situations that:

Judger? 12 Thoughts to Make Your Day More Relaxed

You’d think that the Marie Kondo-esque Judging personalities would thrive under pressure. After all, Judgers are known for being hardworking, focused, and organized to a T. The reality? Most Judgers only prosper in a structured environment. When there’s no structure, stress can take over, and turn our lives upside down.

Not Sure If You are An Enneagram Type 4 or a Type 7? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

The Enneagram Type 4 Individualist and Type 7 Enthusiast can seem like oil and water and with dramatically different habits of attention, it can be easy to assume they never get mixed up. 

Types 7s look to the positive, seek new experiences, and avoid (either consciously or subconsciously) negative emotions. An assertive personality, Type 7s consider personal freedom a core value.

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