4 Resolutions Every Enneagram 8 Should Make This New Year

If you’re a true Enneagram 8, you’re probably already goal-setting for the New Year and beyond. Type 8s can’t help but think ahead and set targets and challenges to add structure to their lives.

If you’re doing the same, why not make room for some alternative resolutions this year? As well as pursuing all-important professional achievements, try opening up to resolutions that give your life more balance too.

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What ISTJs Really Want for Christmas (It’s Not in a Box)

Several Christmases past, I received a beautiful desk kit from one of my daughters. It held colorful notepads and pushpins. There was a small calendar full of daily jokes. She added fun tape in a dispenser, magnets, and a small photo frame.

What she didn’t include was a gift receipt.

My family has never seen me open a box on Christmas morning and burst into joyful song or weeping ecstasy. Not even diamonds push that button.

Believe me, my family’s tried it.

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Who Has the Most Christmas Spirit? We’re Ranking the Types from the Hap-hap-happiest to Bah Humbug!

Ah, the holidays. A time of joy, family reunion, and incredible stress. When it comes to Christmas, no two people are alike. While for some this is, indeed, the most wonderful time of the year, others can find it too exhausting or superficial. So, which Myers-Briggs personality type has the most Christmas spirit, you ask? Here are our best guesses!

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The Best Holiday Song for You, Based on Your Enneagram Type

If there was any question that the holiday season is here, just turn on the radio for confirmation. From joyous to stoic and from religious to commercial, holiday music is part of the winter season. Not all songs appeal to all people, but regardless of how you feel about the holidays, there is a song for everyone. Below we offer you the best holiday tune, based on your Enneagram Type.

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Which Classic Christmas Character Are You, Based on Your Personality Type?

It’s the holiday season, which means while you’re busy checking items off your gift list, sipping seasonal favorites, and getting into the holiday spirit, you can also discover which classic Christmas character you are. Whether you’re as jovial as Santa Claus or as grumpy as the Grinch, you share your preferences with a classic character from a seasonal favorite.

Any fictional character’s personality type is up for debate, but you should find these connections uncanny. So, without further ado, here’s your Christmas doppelganger.  

How to Survive the Holidays: Tips for Introverts, from an Extravert

Whether you’re an Introvert or Extravert, the holidays can be a really exhausting time. No matter how much you enjoy the holiday period, it can quickly become tiring if you overcommit to too many things. 

Between seeing family, hanging out with old friends and apparently endless parties and gatherings, even the most outgoing person can find themselves worn out. 

To avoid this feeling, you need to get smart about how you socialize.

Ready for an Extravert’s holiday survival guide? Let’s jump in!

The Things you Love and Hate Most about the Holidays, by Personality Type

We’re right in the thick of the holiday season. Do you love traditions or internally groan at the prospect of repeating a celebration? Everyone has a slightly different idea of what makes up an ideal experience during this time of year. Read on for each personality’s most-loved and most-hated aspects of the holidays. 


Love: Possibility is everywhere! This is a normal phenomenon for the INFP, but there’s something about this season of goodwill and peace on earth that is especially appealing and heart-warming. 

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