Parenting as a Perceiver: How to Set the Rules

Perceiver personality types can be a lot of fun to spend time around. They’re playful and good at adapting to new situations with ease. They’re innately curious and always following the next exciting project, and they thrive without too many guidelines or structures, finding success on their own terms and in their own ways.

How INFPs Can Stop Blaming Themselves for Everything

INFPs, the compassionate, idealistic, “healers” of the Myers and Briggs personality system, have many positive traits that make us great friends, employees, and colleagues. We’re good at tuning into others’ feelings and putting ourselves in their shoes. We pick up on subtle cues others miss, and we’re creative and imaginative. 

Lost Your Mojo INFJ? Here’s How You Can Get It Back

For many Introverts, this unusual time of lockdowns and social distancing has been business as usual. After all, staying home and spending lots of time alone is the Introvert’s comfort zone. But INFJs are also struggling right now. The lack of face-to-face interaction, racial injustices, and all this strange uncertainty has left many INFJs feeling disconnected, dissatisfied and disheartened. 

How to Communicate With Someone Who Has Lower Emotional Intelligence Than You

Have you ever felt deeply misunderstood in a conversation? As if the person you’re talking to doesn’t recognize what you’re feeling, and is unable to put themselves in your shoes? Well, that’s a common situation when you’re dealing with someone with lower emotional intelligence than you.  

Five ISTJ Stereotypes That You Can Leave Behind

Personality isn’t something we change; it’s something we embrace. It’s a tricky proposition though, if we let the stereotypes of others define us instead of using our own personal understanding of ourselves to remind us who we are.

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How INTPs Can Tell They’re In Love (with Tips)

From the joy of a sweetheart’s embrace after weeks of being apart to the familiar smile of a long-time friend, INTP personalities deeply cherish true love. We may have the reputation for being relationship-shy and emotionally indifferent but actually, INTPs take their relationships very seriously. It’s just that we prefer long-term, monogamous relationships masquerading as a friendship over the flashy types of romance that other types may prefer. 

5 ENTJ Personality Traits You Can Borrow, To Be 100% Fearless at Work

Everyone knows an ENTJ at work. They’re the ones who ooze competence and authority. While the rest of us get sweaty-palmed and twitchy when we’re asked to try something new, Commanders step up and tackle the challenge head on. They’re the last people you would expect to be afraid – which is one of the reasons why they’re so successful in the workplace. 

ENFJ Vs ENFP: How Do They Handle Romance and Relationships?

Picture the scene: a relaxed Sunday morning, the sun glinting through the cracks between the curtains. An ENFJ rolls over in bed, checks the time and begins to stretch. They have a whole list of plans for the day and they’re ready to get up and out.

DISC in Relationships: How a Test Developed for Business Can Help You Navigate Your Personal Life

The DISC personality assessment is all over the working world. Companies use it to test person-team and person-organization fit. Managers take it to figure out their leadership style. It’s so well-known as a business tool, it’s easy to overlook how useful it can be in figuring out relationships.

I made the connection when I first took the DISC assessment last year, and it explained so much about how I interact within my social circles. 

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