How to Quit Your Job (The Right Way)

People seek jobs or accept job offers for all kinds of reasons. If everything goes well, they may make the perfect career choice and choose a job that allows them to fulfill their dreams for a long time. If they made the wrong decision, however, they may be looking for a way out within months of starting. In other instances, jobs can offer some legitimate benefits, but lose their appeal after a few years.

Are you a Difficult Person? Take the Toxic Traits Test

We all know someone who’s difficult to deal with. Maybe it’s a cunning colleague at work, an overly dramatic friend who demands too much of your energy, or that killjoy who always runs to tell you—you guessed it—the bad news. All of these behaviors describe what some call a toxic person.

While no one would like to think of themselves as being difficult, the truth is we all have some less-than-perfect personality traits. Wondering if you’re a difficult person? This article is for you. Here are seven signs that you may be a bit more toxic than you think.

Lunchclub & Truity Team Up to Supercharge Career Networking with the DISC

Ever had a serendipitous meeting with a colleague, a work partner or someone in an unrelated field, who fundamentally changed how you think? Or even led you to a new career opportunity? If you have, you know how exciting and transformative that experience can be -- and you also know how much of it can be based on luck, good timing and sheer chance.  

What’s the Link Between the Enneagram and Autism?

Last month, I did an Enneagram typing interview for an autistic friend. Before the interview, we had an open discussion because she wasn’t sure her autism would allow her to self-type, even with the help of my interview questions. 

Her concern was that what she really thinks and what motivates her might be too heavily influenced by the adjustments she has made as a result of her autism and her efforts to behave neurotypically. 

Enneagram Type 6 Relationship Compatibility

Thoughtful and protective of those who they love, Enneagram Sixes make loving and loyal partners. However, when less healthy, the Six can come across as controlling and have trouble trusting their partner, which can lead to issues within the relationship. 

Which Enneagram types are the most compatible with the Six? The answer isn’t so simple. Any type can be compatible with a Six — and each type will experience their own joys and struggles within the relationship. 

What Do Enneagram Sixes Secretly Want in Relationships?

Friendships and relationships can be a source of safety and protection. When we belong to a person or group, whether through shared interests, ideals or experiences, we feel a sense of belonging. We are reassured the group or relationship will go some way to buffering us from the calamity of daily life. For Enneagram Sixes, finding people or groups they can belong to is crucial.

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What’s the Color Personality Test?

Whether you’re new to personality testing or not, you may have heard about a color personality test that has recently taken TikTok by storm. While this version of the color personality test is having a moment, they actually are nothing new. Several variations have emerged over the years, and the concept is pretty similar to other personality tests in that the color test can give you a ton of insight into who you are, how you think, and your personal strengths. 

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