What are Kristen Stewart’s Myers-Briggs and Enneagram Personality Types?

As an actress and filmmaker, Kristen Stewart is one of the most successful women in Hollywood. She had her first acting role at age 12 in the film Panic Room and rose to fame as a teenager starring as Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga. 

But the actress isn’t one to rub it in or brag about her fame and fortune. Kristen is intensely private, thoughtful, and methodological. She cares more about the quality of her work than how much attention she gets or how many fans she has. 

11 Reasons Why ENFPs and INFJs Have the Best Friendships

ENFP personalities are known for their spontaneity, uplifting spirit, and out-of-the-box view of the world. INFJs are seen as warm yet reserved, introspective, and idealistic. It might surprise you to discover that these types happen to make ideal friends for the other! Despite their surface differences, there is so much more to this friendship than first meets the eye. 

So what exactly makes these two types work so well together? Let’s find out. 

What the Obamas Can Teach Us About the Type 1/Type 9 Enneagram Couple

Michelle Obama is the most admired woman in the United States, according to the 2020 Gallup Poll, and her husband Barack was the 44th President and first African American President of the United States. They’re an impressive couple, but what can the most admired woman and the former President of the United States teach us about relationships? Using the lens of the Enneagram, it turns out quite a lot.

10 Movies ENTJs Will Love (And 3 They’ll Hate)

There’s something really satisfying about watching characters that you can relate to on-screen. Thankfully, ENTJs don’t have to look too hard to find them. Whether it’s awesome problem-solving skills, buckets of charisma or tireless dedication to their jobs, there are lots of characters in Hollywood that ENTJs can admire.

Here are 10 movies ENTJs will love. And 3 they’ll probably hate, just to balance things out!

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Feeling Unsuccessful at Work? Here’s a Type-Specific Work Mantra You Can Pin to the Wall

We’ve all been there. You’re in the dreaded “work slump.” You’re losing sleep over the upcoming weekday. It’s the Sunday Scaries, but it never goes away.

Sometimes we blame the job itself, our annoying coworker or boss, or just the general stress and strain of work. And those are valid complaints. But we can also look inward. We can reflect on our own strengths and weaknesses. We can admit to ourselves there might be some work to do internally. 

That’s where the work mantra comes in.

What Were Aretha Franklin’s Enneagram and Myers-Briggs Types?

One of the most iconic performers of all time, Aretha Franklin was known for her powerful voice and stage presence to match. She was one of the original divas, the “Queen of Soul” who entertained many with big hits like, “Respect,” “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” and, “I Say a Little Prayer.” 

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The 6 Types of People Who Stress Introverts Out

Introverts, like Extraverts, may struggle with their stress levels, but not always for the same reasons. Since the introverted types of the 16-type system are more prone to overstimulation than their extraverted counterparts, certain types of people can unwittingly put you into a stressful response. 

How and Why Organizations Can Responsibly Use Personality Assessments

Earlier this month, HBO released a documentary that promised to reveal the “dark side of personality tests.” Starring a mix of chattering Youtube personalities, corporate talking heads, and various activists with a bone to pick with the psychometrics industry, Persona devoted a mere hour and a half to covering essentially every circumstance in which a person might find themselves answering a question about their thoughts or behavior—and aimed to leave the viewer with a deep sense of foreboding about ever doing so again. 

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