Which “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” Cast Member Shares Your Enneagram Type?

As these stars come together for the first time, our test helps shed light on the personalities behind the sparks sure to be flying.


For the first time in Real Housewives history, iconic ladies from across the franchise are uniting for the Ultimate Girls Trip — and you know there is going to be drama. From Teresa Guidice’s memorable one-liners to everyone’s favorite flirt, Luann de Lesseps: it’s the big personalities that make this specific cast of characters so unique and captivating. This is why Truity, the leader in online personality testing, is thrilled to partner with Peacock to release the “Which Real Housewife Are You?” personality test to help better explain the core personality types at play on the show through the lens of the Enneagram personality system

“Like fans everywhere, we’re glued to the drama playing out among some of our favorite Real Housewives. Sometimes what you see on the show defies all analysis, but just like with all people, these fabulous ladies are driven by their underlying personality traits—and understanding those drivers can help shed light on some of these seemingly inexplicable dynamics,” said Molly Owens, CEO & Founder of Truity. “The Enneagram is a personality system that looks at some of our most essential fears and motivations, so it’s the perfect way to understand the personality types at play and show fans how their own traits relate.  We hope to shed some light on the alliances, the conflicts, and the hilariousness unfolding on Ultimate Girls Trip — along with the real motivations of some of the most memorable ladies in show history.”

Take the free test now to discover your Real Housewives alter ego and read on for more on the cast’s types. 


What Personality Traits Make a Housewife? 

The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people understand the world and manage their emotions. The Enneagram describes nine personality types, each defined by a core belief that drives their motivations and fears. The system also helps us understand how people respond to stress (i.e., throwing an over-the-top party for your child or causing mayhem at the tennis courts). 

With the help of Peacock, Truity analyzed the Enneagram types of the cast members of Ultimate Girls Trip and developed an all-new personality quiz designed to show viewers which of the Housewives they are the most like. Since there are only seven Housewives in the series, two of the Enneagram types — Five and Nine — are not represented in the cast, but we developed archetypes for these personalities so every type is represented in the test results.

The “Which Real Housewife Are You?” Test Personality Archetypes 

The Sprinkle Cookie Perfectionist (Enneagram Type 1)  

Melissa Gorga

“Perfection” is the middle name of this type. From their relationships to their homes —the “Sprinkle Cookie Perfectionist” likes to keep everything in tip-top shape! They’re always thinking of every little detail (even bringing sprinkle cookies to friends who don’t appreciate them). In conflict, they tend to harp on matters of etiquette and “how things are done,” as opposed to paying attention to how people feel. This type can sometimes come across as distant — but it’s just that they have high standards! Ultimately, this type works hard and strives to do what’s right. They are unapologetically themselves  — and if people don’t like it, that’s not their problem. 

  • Strengths: Solid work ethic, honesty 
  • Fear: Being flawed 


The Mama Bear (Enneagram Type 2

Kyle Richards

The Mama Bear is family-focused and serves as a nurturing figure to the people in their lives. As a parent, this type puts their kids front and center, effortlessly tending to every individual need simultaneously. Like Kyle, reality TV’s super mom, they revel in throwing elaborate parties or organizing dorm move-ins -- and they’ll cry like a baby when facing an empty nest. As a friend, they are fiercely loyal, a shoulder to cry on, and the person who’s always making sure everyone’s happy -- even when that is really, really, really hard to do. They can also sometimes be a little clingy and care too much about what other people think about them — shocking everyone when their compassion quickly turns into resentment. But they’re not trying to cause trouble… they just care a lot! 

  • Strengths: Nurturing, empathetic 
  • Fear: Being alone


The Pinot Power Player (Enneagram Type 3

Ramona Singer

Whether or not they’re actually a “housewife,” tending to their home and family is just one item on this type’s never-ending list of accomplishments. Like savvy business lady Ramona (with her ever-growing list of ventures, from skincare to jewelry to — you guessed it — her own brand of Pinot Grigio), the Pinot Power Player is not content with letting someone else be the breadwinner, preferring to define themselves by their achievements. This type tends to love status and fancy things (like Ramona’s Hamptons house), can be competitive (see Ramona’s great tennis court moments) and may be concerned about how others perceive their status. They work hard for what they have — from designer clothes to steakhouse dinners (for their dog) — and it’s important that people give them the recognition and admiration they need, no, deserve. 

  • Strengths: Driven, goal-oriented, successful  
  • Fear: Being unimportant


The Queen of Bling (Enneagram Type 4

Teresa Giudice

Status quo? No, thank you. This type dares to be different in every aspect of life. From their close relationships to the art they create (or buy) to their fashion sense  (sparkles and gold lame, please!) — everything needs to be unique, just like they are! Like Teresa, this type wants to express their individuality and create experiences that are special and emotionally significant. They strive to make every life event important, whether it’s building a dream house (“marble, granite and onyx” only!) or an over-the-top custom-designed birthday cake for a new boyfriend. They know how to stand out from the crowd but may also get jealous easily and feel like, despite all they have, that it’s never quite enough. 

  • Strengths: Creative, unique, offbeat  
  • Fear: Missing out on happiness 


The Secret Super-Fan (Enneagram Type 5)


Reserved and introverted with a hard time sharing their feelings, the Secret Super-Fan wouldn’t last one day as a Housewife! And that is just fine with them because constantly being around a large group of people — and the drama that is bound to come with it —  is their worst nightmare! They’d much prefer to live vicariously through the lives of the fabulous ladies of RHUGT. 

  • Strengths: Knowledgeable, has clear boundaries, independent
  • Fear: Not being able to deal with the demands put on them 


The Sophisticated Strategist  (Enneagram Type 6

Cynthia Bailey

Diligent and cautious, the Sophisticated Strategist is always prepared for any scenario (maybe too much, sometimes). They’ve got a contingency plan for their contingency plan. Just like Cynthia, they are deeply committed to providing comfort and security for friends and family members — and they expect the same in return. They have no patience for people who break their trust and will quickly slam the door on those who betray them  (like when Cynthia ices out Nene for breaking their “friend contract”). Delete. Erase, Unfollow, Whatever… They’ve gotta do what they gotta do. 

  • Strengths: Organized, dedicated, likable 
  • Fear: Being unprepared 


The Countess of FOMO (Enneagram Type 7

Luann de Lesseps

This type likes to live life to the fullest at all times. Like Luann, they want to make the most of every experience — and have little patience for anyone who’s not down for a good time. They just don’t get why other people want to spend so much time talking about things like emotions. Like, why can’t everyone just chill and have fun? It’s not like it’s hard. They’re enthusiastic and always looking for a silver lining, but on the downside, they may struggle to deal with setbacks. 

  • Strengths: Energetic, optimistic, popular
  • Fear: Missing out


Miss Independent  (Enneagram Type 8

Kenya Moore

Confident and assertive, this type knows that the best position in any situation is at the top and will fight to defend what they’ve earned. Some may feel like this type is “too much of a good thing,” but the truth is they just tell it like it is, and if that hurts someone’s feelings, so be it. Like Kenya, this type is not afraid to take charge of any situation (even if they’re not actually the one in charge). They make it clear that they are not someone to mess with (like when Kenya brings security detail to a modeling audition). Some people may call them a diva, but it’s just that their  “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” -ness isn’t for everyone — and that’s OK! 

  • Strengths: Independent, fierce defender, confident, determined 
  • Fear: Being weak


The Easy-Going Friend Of (Enneagram Type 9


The Easy-Going Friend Of is an agreeable, likable type that can’t stand conflict -- so there’s definitely no way they’d make it on the cast of all-stars in Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip! Imagine the attention… The drama… The complete upheaval of one’s inner peace. This type strives for a life full of harmony and comfort but when pushed to their limits, they may become stubborn. But even though they probably wouldn’t make it as a full-time Housewife, they still want in on the fun as a Friend Of!

  • Strengths: Mediating, Zen-like presence, likable  
  • Fear: Being too demanding

Find out your own type now by taking the free test now. Want to watch the Ultimate Girls Trip and get access to every season of the Real Housewives? Get this special offer: Use code “REALHOUSEWIVES” for 50 percent off of two months of Peacock Premium here. (Note: Limited time offer. Eligibility restrictions and terms apply.)

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