What is the Rarest Personality Type?

Clinically Reviewed by Steven Melendy, PsyD. on September 28, 2021

Of all the 16 possible personality types, you might be curious to know which is least common and where your type ranks. Here’s everything you need to know about the rarest personality type, including traits, gender differences and other uncommon types.

Overall, the rarest personality type is INFJ

The rarest personality type is the INFJ personality type, known as ‘The Counselor’. INFJ is the rarest personality type across the population, occurring in just 2% of the population. 

It is also the rarest personality type among men. 

INFJ stands for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging. This unique combination is hard to find in most people.

The INFJ personality type is characterized by their deep sense of integrity and their natural intuition. INFJs are skilled at interpreting the emotions and motivations of others and they work hard to help the people around them. This personality type tends to be idealistic and seeks out deep, meaningful connections with people. They can often come across as quiet and gentle.

However, the situation is not clear cut

While INFJs are generally understood to be the rarest personality type, there are some other factors to bear in mind. Personality types can vary geographically with some personality types occurring more frequently and more rarely depending on the country, region or environment. 

There are also some differences between the rarest personality type for men and women.

The rarest personality type for men

Like the general population, the rarest personality type among men is INFJ. Among men, INFJs make up just 1% compared to 2% of the general population.

There are some questions about why this might be. The INFJ type includes some personality traits that Western society typically views as feminine traits such as high levels of emotional intelligence and empathy. INFJs are known to be sensitive and quiet, often spending time listening to the concerns of others rather than sharing their own thoughts. 

It’s possible that boys are raised in a way that encourages them to subdue these aspects of their personality.  Maybe they are making choices or exhibiting behaviors that give them a different type on a personality test. We don’t really know why, but the data shows that INFJ is the rarest personality type for men.

The rarest personality type for women

For women, however, the rarest personality type is INTJ and ENTJ. Just 1% of women type as INTJ and ENTJ respectively.

Among women, INFJ is only the third rarest personality type with approximately 2% of women categorized as INFJ. 

Both INTJ women and ENTJ women are extremely rare in the general population. It is not clear why this would be. However, the INTJ and ENTJ personality types are associated with being strategic, assertive and analytical. They tend to be less capable at reading their own emotions and the emotions of others. These traits are not typical of women in general, and it could be that – as with INFJ men – INTJ/ ENTJ women are changing their reported behaviors or honing their weaker skills to fit in. 

The top 5 rarest personality types ranked

Curious to know the other rarest personality types? INFJ isn’t the only personality type that’s hard to find! There’s actually a large group of personality types that are pretty uncommon in the general population. 

Read on to find out the top 5 rarest personality types, ranked from rarest to most common.


The INFJ personality type is the undisputed top 1 rarest personality type in the general population coming in at just 2%. INFJs are especially rare among men with only 1% of men qualifying as this personality type. It is slightly more common in women at around 2%.


Known as ‘The Mastermind, INTJ is the next rarest personality type in the general population and the rarest personality type among women. INTJs make up just 2% of the general population and account for 3% of men and just 1% of women.


Sharing the top spot for the rarest personality type among women, ENTJ is also one of the rarest personality types in the general population. Like the closely related INTJ, ENTJs come in at just 2% of the general population, 3% of men and 1% of women.


Another of the rarest personality types is ENFJ which can be found in just 3% of the general population. ENFJ is the second rarest personality type among men, occurring in just 2% of men. For women, the rate is a little higher at 3%.


ENTP snags the 5th spot for the top 5 rarest personality types. This personality type can be found in 3% of the general population. It is slightly more common in men, with 4% of men categorized as ENTP. For women, the personality type is rarer at just 2%, making it one of the rarest personality types.

Understanding the rarest personality types

Looking at the top 5 rarest personality types, it is possible to pick out some patterns in their style of thinking and behaving. The rarest personality types tend to be Intuitives and Judgers, rather than Sensors and Perceivers.

So what does that mean?


All the rarest personality types have one thing in common: they are Intuitives rather than Sensors. This is interesting because Intuitives tend to be more abstract in their way of thinking and processing information. They like to look for patterns and theories and are generally more concerned with the future than the present.

The more common personality types tend to be Sensors. Sensors process information differently than Intuitives, preferring to focus on what they can see, hear and feel. They are often described as more practical and they look to understand the world in a more hands-on way.


There is also a high prevalence of Judging rather than Perceiving types among the top 5 rarest personality types. The Judging/Perceiving dimension of the 16 type system describes how people prefer to structure their lives. Judgers tend to look for order and structure and will prioritize planning over spontaneity. 

It is more common to find people who fit into the Perceiving personality type in the general population. Unlike Judgers, Perceivers prefer things a little less predictable. They value flexibility and prefer to adapt rather than plan.

How does your type compare?

While INFJ is the rarest personality type, that doesn’t make it any better or worse than the other personality types. Each personality type has its own strengths and weaknesses, whether it is more common or harder to find in the general population.

To find out more about the 16 type system, read this next or take the test to find out your personality type!

Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth is a freelance writer and ghostwriter. She’s an anthropologist at heart and loves using social theory to get deeper into the topics she writes about. Born in the UK, Elizabeth has lived in Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Dubai before moving most recently to Budapest, Hungary. She’s an ENTJ with ENFJ leanings. Find out more about her work at bethharris.com

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Jawaher albalushi (not verified) says...

I think this artical is very interesting and very helpful and reminds me, that I am one of the top rare personalities out there


As an ENTJ I am very proud of who I am and to that my personality is a great one.

I appreciate and thank the person(people) that made this wonderful article!!!

Not Linda (not verified) says...

ENTJ is actually the rarest. INFJ's are no longer the rarest. However,  infj's can keep the ruse going because there're more of them. 

PhilBbb (not verified) says...

Being an INFJ, I really don't care. Anyone who understands the underpinnings of healthy identity formation (and has made development in that area) won't base their self value on being the 'rarest'.

Dodiedear (not verified) says...

I can't add anything to your comment. I simply needed a  distinctive "Like" button to wholeheartedly agree with you. 

AndrewD (not verified) says...

As the other has said. I can't agree more with you.


Ok then (not verified) says...

Very true and very well said.

Vintage Girl 1958 (not verified) says...

I'm an ENTJ. To me it's not about basing my self value on being the rarest or even a 4 letter block. It's about how being a rare personality effects all areas of my life! For instance, I'm misunderstood a lot. Or I find that people can't read me because they have nothing to really compare me to. It can create a lot of upsets and frustration.

Sraboni (not verified) says...

Yes I'm really appreciate it because of the same thing made my life a field of frustration and  depressions....

I want to build myself a new men who will lead and live like a queen .So What does that mean by it ? please friends ..Give me a penny of thoughts.   

Sraboni (not verified) says...

Yes I'm really appreciate it because of the same thing made my life a field of frustration and  depressions....

I want to build myself a new men who will lead and live like a queen .So What does that mean by it ? please friends ..Give me a penny of thoughts.   

August Rain (not verified) says...


August Rain (not verified) says...

Amen, vintage girl 1958. But I found understanding my personality type and how rare it is made sense w how i have fit in/not fit in throughout my entire life. Even now. It doesnt change anything but explains it. And I still prefer to be me. 

Robin Morrow (not verified) says...


Broken (not verified) says...


Whiskers (not verified) says...

Hi, I wanted to add another context to your comment...As I think placing value in being a rare/rarest personality type can give some self-reassurance & validation to people that feel misunderstood,ridiculed & mistreated, find it difficult to relate to others, as many of these traits are often not relatable & ppl therfore percive many who are intuitive....as ppl that are dishonest (bc of projection from others that don't believe in empathy & ppl that are genuinely interested in helping & understanding strangers & genuinely speak their mind & want to learn & share info, show vulnerability by "oversharing".

In my personal experience ppl have indirectly or directly called me arrogant,  judgemental or bragging, lying, pretentious,  self-centered, that I'm not reflecting the qualities I have bc they have an idea of how these traits operate & say it's conflictive. . .It's nice to see ppl have some of the positive qualities.



gain to the point of being destructive even & devotion to others, ability to self reflect, have deep conversations a society that tends to diminish (esp their intensions) & have a hard time relating to a majority 

Ardyn (not verified) says...

Yeah, like I know quite a lot of people who indentify themselves as infjs when my dad is the only entj I know

Shannondun (not verified) says...

Upon what do you base your statement

JaewonieOinkingLee (not verified) says...

Your mother.

Trisroy B (not verified) says...

Not that is matters as we are who are, but is that an opinion on which is rarest or do you have factual evidence to prove your opinion? 

Keefe Sencen (not verified) says...

Honestly I think that ENTP paired with being a type 3 is the rarest. I personally am that and I have NEVER met anyone else that has that. Usually ENTP's are type 7 but being an ENTP and type 3 makes you super hard working and very few people can get you at certain times. Being ENTP and type 3, you really have to work to find someone who understands you and when you do, you can't let go because they UNDERSTAND YOU when other people don't. It's a rare combo and needs to be appreciated more because there aren't that many of us out there.

Alissa L (not verified) says...

Actually, I know two ENTP 3s. One is a 3w2 and one is a 3w4. They're both of the sx/so instinctual subtype and they're my favorite people ever. 

Trish (not verified) says...

Im ENTP, female. But I don't know what type. Where can I find it?

omotayo olajide remilekun (not verified) says...

search deeply in yourself and afterwards you'll find the real you.

Ok then (not verified) says...

I think you should change your name to Not Bitter.

Seer of oddballs and rejected froots n’ nuts (not verified) says...

I can see you really want to be an oddball. Only you know the answers to whatever test you took. Nobody else saw them. You could change like a chameleon at a moments notice. Kind of like how florid college football fans change their favorite team and base their decision solely on whoever’s ranked number 1. You too can be number one. Everyone on tinder will be able to see your such a rarity. Just because people speak to a bunch of people online doesn’t make them extroverts, in fact it’s more of an introverted trait. This veil of anonymity the internet provides creates a playground for you introverts. You’ll say things you’d never say to someone face to face. Excuse me for being judgmental, I would say any and all of this face to face with you and you’d cower oft into the sunset of your oddly peculiar preteen smelling room reminiscent of the 6th grade locker room. The mmmm.. latter of a thirty something year olds room (maybe 36 those were Tesla numbers, 9 is also included in there) that mom goes in to spray febreze in to every morning so as to attempt to contain the smell to the lower basement room so that her friends can have a somewhat comfortable day of playing pinochle.. that is until Mrs. Debbie starts with her incontinence and ole Mrs. Gretchen believes she’s silently letting her flatulence escape her decomposing body. Go for it! Yoo can doo it!!! Be anything you want to be. That’s what you do anyways. Regards, Mr. Seer: having the rarest of all and is the only one possessing all 16 making now a 17th trait shared by nobody but yours truly!!! A true chameleon in its rarest form, clear. I wasn’t even here as nobody saw me. Tell me please. How close was I? I’m curious…

Tyra (not verified) says...

The writer tried to hard.

Nemmy (not verified) says...

Although I have no doubts that this could be true, (I am not sure, so I don't mean that in a rude way,) that seems a bit rude and against INFJs, when they are lovely people! Make sure that you check the way you write things just so it doesn't come across as rude. But I'm sure you didn't mean it that way. Have a nice day!

lasvegasloner (not verified) says...

Sounds like a competition again. Apparently many out there skipped the last couple paragraphs.

Linda Levina Johansson (not verified) says...

I have take 5 different personality tests, based on this and got the same result every time: INFJ. And in the information you get,  after have done the tests, it stood it's the rarest personality of all 16 types, all over the world, with just less than 2% having this personality.

But I'm a woman (& had to fill in both gender & age when doing the tests), and will be 45 years old in 6 months, so I know myself very well & I have worked both very hard & a lot with myself, mentally & emotionally since I was 22.

That spring, when I was 22 years, serveral things happened to me that changed both my whole life & the person I was then.

It started with a deep, severe depression that led to that I finally saw everything, both myself & my world, in a very shining bright light that reviled all the lies & illusions that I first then actually realised I had built my whole personality, my emotions, my principles, my moral standards on; my inner core of the person I had been building since birth was only A LIE. Nothing was true.

I, and both my life, my whole world & the things, my dreams I said & thought I wanted to have, wanted to be fullfilled, so my soon grown up life would be exactly the happy life I always had wanted.
But NO! I had just lied to myself & to everyone else about what I REALLY wanted, what my true dreams & wishes were, what kind of life I actually NEEDED if I ever would feel happy, meaningful & content with living.

Everything else would sooner or later just have made me so lonely, miserable & feel that my life only was totally meaningless & not even worth living so then I would have ended everything.  
So then I had to restart. I had to start building up myself, even my inner core of my personality, to be able to become the person I actually wanted, and needed, to become if I wanted to be able to continue to live. And I then promised myself that I never ever again would lie to myself again, no matter what, no matter what it was about, even little meaningless things. Not a single lie ever again! And I've struggled to keep that promise; I have never again lied to myself & very, very seldom to anyone else either. I don't have any use for lies, lying doesn't give me anything & ironically so an I yet such a good liar so NOBODY have ever been able to even realise that I've just lied to them. So why then even bother to lie, when I don't get anything out of it? And it kind of breaks my promise to not lie to myself, so I don't lie AT ALL, TO ANYONE, NO MATTER WHAT.

So when doing these tests I, of course, never lied when answering the questions. Some was very hard to answer bc there was several answers I could choose between, but not being able to do that in the tests.
So then I had to chose & maybe I chose the wrong answer to that specific question, when it could have gotten a total different answer... I don't know how much this could have affected the total, but I also did so many different tests and yet got the same type of personality each time. And yes, I think I may have this personality, but not 100%. I actually thought I would receive another result, at least after having done 5 different. Bc I'm pretty sure that one other personality, that's also quite rare, would fit me better...INTJ.

So how shall I think about this? When I did my first personality tests when I was younger I think I actually got the INTJ result.

I'm just confused, especially when now reading that my personality isn't the rarest among WOMEN, just men. Because it never stood anything about difference between men's & women's results when doing a personality test, I never read that anywhere else which is very odd bc every test was based on these 16 personality types.

From a very confused woman, who doesn't really know where she belongs (nowhere, I'm an alien  ??) & had hoped that a personality test would give at least some sign of what to believe in...

kriz <3 (not verified) says...

i think you should read about the cognitive functions instead. tests arent really reliable and the results are mostly based on your opinion of yourself which is often quite subjective. you can start reading with the 8 functions, intjs' function stack are Ni Te Fi Se. both infj and intj have the same dominant function Ni ( Introverted Intuition ). They are the rarest type because this function is so complex and not so many people can handle it. 

There is so many to read and at first it may look intimidating but once u dive into it u cant rlly stop. just keep in mind that u wont find ur accurate type immediately and its a long process. there's no rush and if u rlly want to know yourself its gonna be worth it trust me. 

If u ask me, I myself also got mistyped as infj for the first few months ( Im an infp ). Im not saying you could be mistyped but this might be the case, many have gone through this so dont worry. When I knew that i wasnt the rarest type  anymore i also got dissapointed but knowing your true type is more fulfilling as you will know how you truly work and also find ppl like u. 

I hope this helped u and good luck!

PRO (not verified) says...

Exactly, cognitive functions determines what is your true personality. I also had gotten infj but studied functions and was not infj. INTJ

Dan C (not verified) says...

You mentioned that you both seldom lie to anyone else and that you never lie to anyone ever. So one of those must be a lie.

Since one is a lie, the never lying to anyone isn't a possibility, meaning you lie to others.

Yet you stated that emphatically presumably with your use of capitals and exclamation marks. Meaning you lie to yourself as well.

So to add it all together, your message seems to he that you are a liar.

Reid Bottorff (not verified) says...

Dearest Dan,

     It appears to this humble writer that you have uncovered a critical flaw in Ms. Linda's query, that being the aforementioned paradox of dishonesty that you so tactlessly pinpointed.

     However, being the obvious beacon of truth and justice that you are, it should be an effortless feat for you to concede that, with little imagination (thankfully!), that quite possibly what you were actually attempting to indicate was how such a condescending individual as yourself becomes rejuvenated when engorged on ego-fattening self importance and armed pessimism. This attitude reflects that of child with poor-sportsmanship, or possibly a chronic tattle-tale or an upper middle class playground bully.

    Thank you, Danny, for illustrating exactly what has absolutely nothing to do with Linda's concern. Linda, follow your heart, for it cannot lie to you like your brain is apt to do.

P.s. You also misspelled a word, Dan.

Some chick (not verified) says...

Bahahahah yes

Katie K (not verified) says...

You're amazing Reid ❤️ 

Always Saturday (not verified) says...

I truly and honestly took great pleasure in reading, smiling, laughing, ??multiple times reading your reply to Dearest Dan, whom pointed out Honest Linda's blatent deceit. Lol. I have to read more of your post.

Reid, I was curious if you knew what the correct degree the pinky is angled when/while having tea? Please I am begging you to correct my "pour" grammar. I'm sure I asked with the incorrect format. Thank you advance in. I hope you have a sense of humor.... or maybe I don't. I'll enjoy your response either way. ?  I know it'll be good. I feel like the teenager in school that keeps disrupting class to get attention from the hot teacher. 



XoXo Gossip Girl (not verified) says...

This has merolling in laughter! Thank you Reid for beutifully telling Dan to Fuxk off!

Larua (not verified) says...

Dear Reid,

your response was brilliant. Please tell me your personality type, I must know.

Thank you very much.

Not Linda (not verified) says...

Your logic is Infallible. 


scarlett sama (not verified) says...

i did the 16 personality test like 5 times and it always came something different

first i took it like a year ago and then i recently took it again and a whole different results came, but it didn't really matched as well as the previous result

then i retook it again and again something different came out and i think i even took one test at least from a different side

i absolutely have no idea what i am

MRH (not verified) says...

"From a very confused woman, who doesn't really know where she belongs (nowhere, I'm an alien  ??) & had hoped that a personality test would give at least some sign of what to believe in..."

I love you, Linda ? First of all, you're not confused and already know where you belong and where you want to be. You like the fact that you are ranked in one of the rarest personality styles, but feel that you belong in the top rarest rank of INTJ. You're long diatribe is what we call "humble bragging". Which makes me believe you're not truly an INFJ, but it doesn't really matter. You're unique and don't need a test to prove that. This coming from a 56 yo INTJ female ?♥️?.

Jeff Nellessen (not verified) says...

Come on Linda just be you no pressure. When in side, you say to your self help this person then help them. When the voice in your head says I have a solution to your situation share it. We are the advocates we have already thought it through. ?? I know it's hard we cry a lot I just accept it. But to be in love with an advocate that finds you worthy, nothing like it. Come on Linda go with what you got. Life is short ??‍♂️?


Mario (not verified) says...

Welcome to the rarest. It just came to my surprise I was in this category but after deep thought it does make sense.I guess you are in INTJ-T category. Don't get confuse, we are what we are if we see the true nature of what it is. Look back at the choices we made and we will understand consequences it unfolded. Every fruit comes from a flower before it. 

Billy bob ✌ (not verified) says...

Bro wrote a whole essay ? 

Billy bob ✌ (not verified) says...

Shoot I meant to reply to a comment sorry ? ? 

Colton INFJ (not verified) says...

Spoken like a true INFJ

Ashlee Mimie (not verified) says...

Hi Linda! 


I am hoping this email finds you well. To introduce myself, I am an INFJ as well, I grew up with different deeper level of thinking from my peers and it felt like I am alone. Like you, I also told myself I am lying to myself and having a hard time trusting also due to the circumstances I've experienced when I was a kid. I thought the cause of my deeper level of thinking was just because of the hardship I have faced but now I realized being INFJ also contributed to how I processed things in mind about the live we have here. Like you, I felt like I don't belong here, it feels like I belong somewhere far in the unknown. 


And you know who answered me? It's God, He said "You don't belong here, You belong to Me." 


My life was miserable even when I always wanted to be there with anyone who needs help, I didn't know I was lonely, the only thing I knew I was lost and trying to find myself somewhere I might have left my true self along the road from my childhood. 


Seeing the situation of the world and a lot of people's sufferings, I felt helpless. As I badly want these people to have better lives, to be mended whole. I never thought, I too was broken and needed mending not from anything in this world but from the God whom who first made me. 

I realized there's no way I can help broken people if I too was broken. The right date and time came that God had set, He made me whole. He used my MDD so I could see Him and why this world works the way it is. 


If you are looking for an answer. I am open to share this with you. We all are broken, nothing in this world could offer that could ever make us whole. The answer and healing is only coming from the One who made us from the beginning. The One who loves us. 


I am here, when you are comfortable to open up more. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.


Best regards, 

Ashlee Mimie 

Dodiedear (not verified) says...

Beautifully stated.

Katie K (not verified) says...

Girl, I could have written that reply myself, almost word for word! Wow, INFJ mind kinda blown right now!

Secretseeker (not verified) says...

Whoa, hope you're alright. Let it go. We're not here forever.  But we are meant to be here in the here and now. The world loves you, enjoy the ride.

Broken (not verified) says...

Your story, and your process are BEAUTIFUL.  Believe in YOURSELF. 

jc herradura (not verified) says...

im not a broken hearted man or feel frustating when i open my eyes i feel lost everything i see sometimes i walk around to feel me okay i dont why or whats going my life

anonymous human (not verified) says...

Everything will be okay!
you just need to be patient my friend.

i care for you

scarlett sama (not verified) says...

dont fall for this

when i was 13 someone said that after some years everything will change and get better

guess what happened? all of those problems got WORSE and every new day makes the problems much bigger.

yes everything did change. but NOT to better.

kd.iamnoone (not verified) says...

We are not certain about our future as well as how things will change. Nonetheless, everything will inevetably change, we can think of the worst but we should be hopeful for the better. 

All the love <3

Vivi (not verified) says...

Let me just say, being INTJ and a woman feels like a constant battle happening in my head between logic and hormonal responses. I have always wondered why I have so much trouble getting along with other women and I geuss being the rarest personality type out there is a viable explanation. 

Dan C (not verified) says...

Most people have trouble getting along with women. That's why male friends are better friends according to the vast majority of both men and women.

Northgreen (not verified) says...

I hear you! It's not a "fun" personality to have. It feels rather lonely, but you feel everything so much more than anyone else... I'm in my 30's and I feel as though I've never connected with anyone.

Stay strong, my friend.

Sharon Stangeland (not verified) says...

I just found out I'm the rarest type I never thought it was I'd never taken and test before but everyone else seems to agree that everything hits me right on the head I'm a female 62 had a very hard life but I've learned from it I believe lost all my children and building relationships with them again as they are adults dealing with a schizophrenic significant other has its moments but if you have connection with your  God, nature and doing right when one can never be lonely

KM (not verified) says...

Vivi,  I hear ya.   

     I'm also INTJ female - nearly 70 yrs old, & you hit the nail on the head.   Hormones vs Logic, & complete confusion as to what's going on with other women.    I always thought it was because I grew up with 5 brothers, that I couldn't relate to other women very well.  I always thought more like men, & see their side in discussions, but women are often a mystery to me, including my 2 sisters, who are real women-like thinkers.   

     I get the feelings they experience, as I feel them too, but their frequent willingness to ignore logic & just go with straight emotions is beyond my grasp.  Even in Men, I often find myself becoming annoyed by their lack of logical thinking.    Fortunately, I married a mostly logical man, & we had very logical sons, so I've had very little to do with the illogical world - primarily due to my highly introverted nature, & staying home to raise my own children.

     I'd be interested to know if anyone knows if the variances between men's & women's thinking is Nature, or Nurture, or some combination.    My Dad did not bow to women, & I was raised no differently than my brothers.  They're not all 100% logic driven, either, though, so I'm kind of a 1-off in my own family, too.  Probably because I preferred to be left alone, rather than hang with others very much.  Always been a loner, & I like it that way. 

                          Thanks,    KM    : )

PS       Everyone hates that I use the     : )   smiley faces when I sign off, but it took me years to realize that others were reading my emails, & thinking I was angry, because I wrote what was in my head (logic, facts, & get to the point statements), & I never used contractions, so I intentionally started adding   : )  Smiley faces to show I'm not angry here, & I always try to go back to make contractions after the fact, to ensure it doesn't sound so stiff.   It tends to get a bit too wordy, but I'm trying here . . .  Trying to sound like a normal woman.    : )


Waylander787 (not verified) says...

I have this personality type which until now I never really had an explanation ma's to why making or keeping friends has been so difficult. To the point now where I only bother with my family. (certain members)

It's hard going through live giving everything of you to everyone else and getting only judgement and jealousy back, greed and expectancy that you will always be there to pull them out of the heap when they make a bad decision based on desires or urges to be one better than their so called friends.

Yet why do I feel totally powerless to my own personality where I will continue to allow people to use me in order that they can have better or reach better position in love or life even above myself. 

Its not that I don't care foryself, I loveyself deeply and I believe that our time is here is precious and a gift from God. To other people looking in Iist look miserable and depressed. Yer that's just how I internalise my life,y life happens insidey head and very few if any people will get to experience my life within.

What they don't see is that inside I care incredibly deeply about everything and if I get too caught up in one topic I can be dragged down so many rabbit holes and end up no where. Or no where good anyway. 

I had to learn to police every thought which came in to my mind so that I didn't spiral. Now if I start thinking about something I have no control over, I'll take the dog for a walk on the woods. 

When they say the weight of the world is on your shoulder. Try being a Scorpio male with this personality type. 


Ronnie (not verified) says...

Which personality type were you? Reading your story I can relate. I am classified as INFJ and it made so much sense to me when I found out and I was able to give myself alot of answers. I have always been approached by people who want to be my friend and be a part of my life but I rather just have a couple of my closest relatives near me if I must.  I am not mean or ugly I just never reach out to anyone including my own family. It's so strange since family and people mean so much to me and I will help anyone who needs it. 

An (not verified) says...

I totally get that, thanks! As being a 28 year old female INFJ I struggle with the same thoughts at the moments. One of the hardest questions I ask myself frequently in the last time is: „why does no one care? While I’m caring so deeply inside me.“ and it’s not only the question why people I would do anything for, seem to don’t care about me, it’s also the question why people don’t care about each other in general. I don’t know if I will find a really good answer to that question in the near future neither a solution to the sadness that comes with it sometimes. 
I tend to have that image in my mind where I’m kind of a seer in a sea of blind people, but I probably will never be able to tell them what I see or what I fell neither. That’s probably the way to describe the feelings I have frequently. 

Smile on my Face (not verified) says...

woah, a 21 year old female INFJ here and I have been asking myself the same questions all the time! Like why doesnt anybody care? When i care about you so much that i'll be willing to do anything for you? During times like these it made me feel like i was being used by other people, even by family members and it hurts a lot. And while im overthinking about this stuff, other people just dont seem to see it as a big deal and that confuses me a lot. Like why don't you see what i am seeing? Probably won't get answers anytime soon, but getting this off my chest really helps :)

WhatWhy (not verified) says...

Yeah! totally understand and I'm with you. Male here have family INFJ, man do people always misunderstood anyway I don't blame them, but me downgrading to make them understand is such an energy drained leads to big time frustration. I think it's also a curse because the outside world will never understand what INFJ do on the surface. So let it be. Behind the scene then haha. It's a big deal, it really is. Only you and I understand that something out there is really really a big deal but no one cares. INFJ are cursed with unlimited knowledge so beyond that....arggghhhh "don't you understand people you...!!!" kind of feeling. Anyway, I'm on my path, they are on their path. Follow the path given and chosen to/by us only. It's fair. Never feel or believe what INFJ will never bear fruit, it does bear fruits and positivity, just not on the surface. Always behind the scene. Take care, have nice day!

Information now (not verified) says...

Infj is no longer the rarest overall. Entj is now the rarest. You might not like it, but that's what the most recent data says. 

Some chick (not verified) says...

Thank you!

Some chick (not verified) says...

You lost all credibility when you said "undisputed." In fact, it's heavily disputed. Most recent data says entj is the rarest.


also- how can infj be "generally considered" AND the "undisputed" rarest? 

An old Fart (not verified) says...

I love all of you people bantering about whos is or is not the rareist. I am a 65 INFJ male. I was brought up by 4 women in the house with no men there. INFJ may or may not be the rareist but in the 60's, 70's and 80's you can bet your sweet bippy that I as a male was always looked upon as a weirdo and struggled with that thinking I was just that most of my life but finally came to terms with who I am. So forget who is the rareist of all and just accept the fact that we fj's and tj's weather you are an E or an I are an anomally in society and enjoy that glorious fact. 

Parwati (not verified) says...

That's the spirit flush the labels embrace who you are 

Scorpio55 (not verified) says...

Love you, well said!! Who cares what personality type is the rarest, a lot of us feel like freaks in this cold and crazy world....

Lorraine Cooke (not verified) says...

Quit labelling yourselves...lighten up and enjoy the time you've been given on this earth.  Try and be a better person today than you were yesterday.  Just be kind.

Brenda Tyner (not verified) says...

I'm with you, Lorraine. I feel that if you try to be a better person everyday. Help others that need it. Don't worry about the small stuff. Or what others think of you. Learn about who you are before you get into another bad or the first bad relationship. Don't let people, things or events define who you are.  Find the good in things. Be happy you are alive today. Take nothing for granted. And ignore those who try to define you 

John E (not verified) says...

What is the rarest Enneagram type?

John E (not verified) says...

Is it Type 5?

A.Nonimus (not verified) says...

INTP: gotta say I'm not surprised Ns are rarer than Ss, and I'm glad that Ps are more common than Js. But to avoid writing my own article, I'll end it there lol

Dinky (not verified) says...

I have just found out i am an INFJ-T weither or not its the rarest doesn't matter, its actually helped me understand alot about why i am the way i am and everything seems to have just fitted together like a massive puzzle..i now understand and i am contented with that notion

Jarum (not verified) says...

I think a more logical reason than "fitting in" as to why INFJ men INTJ/ ENTJ women are more rare respectively is biological - we are mammals and females are intimately involved in child-rearing where empathy and compassion are critical. Of course human males also have an active part in child-rearing and displaying empathy, but their secondary role would be enough to account for the difference.

zeda (not verified) says...

I've tested - double checked - INFJ-A. And its very helpful to understand - after all to understand other peoples reactions on my personality too. I've enjoy reading. Thank you.

Tejal (not verified) says...

Dear friends, very welcoming to "meet" you all on this stage of anonymity where we each and all are actors to a certain extent. But then we are seemingly fascinated to become a specific four-letter label!!! Isn't that too little ... and too static? The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) was NOT the creation of Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl G. Jung, but of his acolytes, the mother-daughter Myers-Briggs team, who popularized (and simplified) his observations. Jung himself belonged to one of the "fringe" types (INFJ?) that were not well understood by the majority of people, especially not in his native (ST) Switzerland.

As a Zen Buddhism practitioner over that past eight years or so, I'd just like to offer that perhaps it is less important to spend time looking in the inner mirror and comparing ourselves in "rarity" than to just DO what needs doing to put OTHER people first. That's how a buddhist would define a "bodhisattva". You are most welcome to disagree--but kindly please. We're all in this together somehow, n'est-ce pas?


WhatWhy (not verified) says...

i went to 16personalities.com and verywellmind.com and this truity.com the results are the same, I'm INFJ. No wonder everyone always misunderstood what I'm saying, heck even when I'm typing now HAHA. Did you know, anyway it is scientifically proven that the Heart has its own brain. The Heart knows. And as Pisces under Neptune ruler with INFJ personality, there are something that are not worth to be explained at all. Take care everyone, have a good day.

lasvegasloner (not verified) says...

This was interesting and as usual with anything about personalities or psychology, inspiring maddeningly complex tangents in my brain.

I tested as an INFJ years back, am a male, so assumed I was doomed to be misunderstood for life. Though that does seem to be true sometimes LOL, I remember having a few good years in a couple periods of my life, but even then it felt incomplete. 
Sometime between 11 and 14 years old, the DNA aligned just so that I happened to have commercially good looks, so that caused popularity I was unprepared for and ended up trying to please everyone, resulting in each clique punishing me for being friendly to whomever they didn’t like. This was in a variety of forms, including but not limited to silent treatments all the way up to fistfights. Luckily I was a tough little shit and defended well. But I cringe remembering those days; seemingly beautiful starting out, with many awkward endings. 

In my early twenties I sort of went through that again, but was far more capable of controlling where I ended up. Still, it was painful for me and others that expected my performance as an extrovert. I could never continue the balance of who and when I should give my time, and I was far too sensitive about what people’s body language meant; it didn’t matter I was usually spot on. They were energized with socializing, no matter how much manipulating they did for long term “goals”. My only acting was for the moment, to make them happy on the spot and keep peace with every single type. No long term social needs. 

Which brings me to one of countless questions about this stuff; I still match the descriptions of INFJ quite easily, but it seems my behavior at times goes completely the other way. For example I was a planner of many things, at least that was far more healthy for me… but certain events sort of turned me into more spontaneous with my day to day actions.

So that and other odd changes make me wonder; if I divert from the usual, accepted clinical definitions from time to time, does that mean I need to understand I fit in a different category now? Or is it (like most sciences) that most data is written as settled facts with finality, yet we’re expected to know there is some leeway? It’s rhetorical, I know there’s leeway in my own field and should be in all others, but I’m used to humans wanting answers with a period on the end. More unnecessary security.

Anyway.. good article. Thanks for the info.


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