How to Get Different Personality Types to Like You

It might be easier to relate to, like, and be liked by people with personality traits similar to your own. 

But you will need to interact with people of different personality types and traits as well. The experience will likely be more pleasant if you can not only tolerate each other, but figure out ways to enjoy and benefit from each other’s company. Even better if you can help people with different personality types to like you, and find that you like them in turn. 

What Does Intuitive Mean in the Myers and Briggs System?

You’ve probably heard people call themselves ‘intuitive’, but the context of what they mean can vary. If you were to look up the word in the dictionary, you’d see a definition like ‘the use or basis of one’s feelings over conscious reasoning’ or the more straightforward term ‘instinctive.’ Although that basic definition isn’t false, when it comes to the Myers and Briggs personality system, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Creative Spring Cleaning Ideas for Each Enneagram Type

There’s something about the nearly-neon green of new leaves and the cheerful pink of tulip blooms that makes me want to add a bit of springlike cheer to my home environment. Out of this is born my yearly tradition of spring cleaning. Whether you look forward to spring cleaning like I do or moan at the thought of one more thing to do, learning to approach it with your Enneagram type in mind can help you better enjoy the process and the fruits of your labor.

5 Toxic Personality Traits to Watch Out For

Everyone has some traits that tend to rub people the wrong way. You might be guilty of dodging jobs you don’t like, assuming you’re smarter than someone or thinking you should be treated differently than the people around you.

While no personality trait or type is better or worse than others, when a behavior becomes a habit in your life it can sometimes turn toxic. You might not notice it at first but the people around you probably will! 

Here are 5 common toxic personality traits to watch out for, as well as methods you can use to combat them before they take over.


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