How to Stop Tying Your Self-Worth to Relationships

Have you ever found yourself at one of those awkward family dinners where one of your aunts tries to set you up with someone? Been there. Truth is, people give a lot of importance to relationship status. We often talk about finding “the one” or refer to our partners as our “better half,” and there’s nothing like being single at a family dinner to make you feel like the odd one out.  

But is the idea of finding love and fulfillment outside of yourself ever healthy? And where do we draw the line between love and neediness?

8 Things INFJs Say, And What They Really Mean

When it comes to the INFJ’s use of language, others may look on in confusion. While the INFJ personality herself might know exactly what she means and why she says things, it’s not usually clear outside of her head. To add to the confusion, there are some common phrases that virtually all INFJs say at some point, which really should not be taken at face value. That’s because an INFJ is always trying to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or burdening them with their problems.

10 Reasons Why We Should All be More Like Enneagram Type 7s

Enneagram Type 7s are the fun seekers of the Enneagram personality system, mostly known for their optimism, adventurous spirit and spontaneity. Yet anyone who takes a deeper look at Type 7 personalities will soon realize just how much substance is lurking beneath their bubbly surface. Take a look at our top 10 reasons why we can all stand to be a little more like Type 7s!

Are INFPs Really More Ambitious Than They Seem?

Dreamer. Idealist. Artist. Peacemaker. Corporate Go-Getter. Which of these doesn’t come to mind when you think of an INFP?

You guessed it, the last one. As dreamers, we definitely have ambitious goals for our lives and careers, but we might seem passive or too stuck in our heads to really go after our goals.

But actually, INFPs can be very ambitious in our own way. So why don’t we project that image – at all? Let’s look at five possible reasons. 

ENFPs and the Art of Self-Destruction—Stupid Things ENFPs Do to Sabotage Themselves

Anyone who is or knows an ENFP personality type is aware of all the things that make them wonderful. They’re bold and adventurous, happy to share ideas and chase wild passions, and always up for meeting new people and learning new things. 

But for every wonderful trait that draws people to ENFPs, there’s a pitfall. ENFPs are notorious for getting in their own way and are often their own worst enemy. Here are just some of the ways ENFPs sabotage themselves, plus some tips for steering yourself back towards your true goals.  

How ENTJs Can Deal With Never Being Satisfied

ENTJ personality types are ambitious to the point of madness, which means they often find it hard to be satisfied with their lives. It’s common for them to feel frustrated with where they are in life and be constantly looking ahead to the next milestone. Feelings of dissatisfaction can be a constant companion. 

So how can ENTJs deal with this?

The answer lies in understanding the feeling, addressing the underlying causes and reframing the problem. Here are six ways to do just that.

How to Build Confidence as an Enneagram Type 6

People with Enneagram Type 6 personality profiles are hard-working, reliable, responsible and trustworthy. They are prone to impressive bursts of creative inspiration, and are also capable of great self-sacrifice in service to others or society. They are tireless in their dedication to the people, causes and beliefs that define their worlds and give them a sense of meaning and purpose.

Conscientious Personality Type? Here’s How You Can Take More Risks and Try New Things

Conscientiousness appears as a trait in several key personality tests, including the Big Five System and the DISC profile, where it’s also known as Clarity or a few other ‘C’ words like Cautious or Competent or Compliant. Fundamentally, it describes someone who has a high level of self-discipline, thrives on accurate information and research, and is driven by a job well-done. 

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