How to Use Your Enneagram Type to Actually Achieve the Goals You Set, in 2021 and Beyond!

Given the stress and uncertainty 2020 has brought, the idea of setting goals for the new year might make you want to burrow into a hole.

When you’re taught to set and pursue goals just one way, instead of what’s best for your personality type, it’s easy to feel anxious, apathetic, or discouraged. It’s no wonder why 92% of people who set New Year’s goals end up abandoning them—they’re working against their unique personality type, not with it. 

Your Most Soul-Nourishing New Year Intention, By Enneagram Type

You made it through the holidays without causing any irreparable damage to your relationships and now you are into the final stretch of 2020. Your last challenge in this turbulent year is to set your new year intentions for 2021.

If there is anything 2020 taught us, it is that there are many things in life we can’t control.  With that as the backdrop, let 2021 be the year where we go within. This isn’t the year to check things off our bucket list. Instead, this new year presents an excellent opportunity to work on our internal world. 

What Extraverts Really Need From Their Introverts This Holiday Season

The perfect holiday period looks different for everyone. For some who type as Extraverts on a Myers and Briggs personality test, it might be a calendar filled with social events, meeting up with friends and family and getting into the holiday spirit with big crowds and parties. For Introverts, it probably involves more time enjoying the calmer aspects of the holiday season, with plenty of time for reflection.

Enneagram Type 2? Here’s How to Ask for Help When You’re Too Afraid to Do So

Enneagram Type 2 personalities are some of the best friends anyone can hope for. You’re kind, nurturing and loving and, no matter what life might throw at people, you’re there to bake cookies and lend an ear. You can be extremely empathic and are genuinely happy to help. What you’re not so great at? Asking for help in return. 

3 Surefire Ways Judgers and Perceivers Can Manage Change Better

Do you know what you need to thrive during times of change?

This may be a change that you choose like finding a new job, losing weight, or seeking a new romantic relationship. Or it could be a moment of change that you don’t choose, like your favorite yoga studio closing, your job being eliminated, or breaking up with someone you thought was the love of your life. 

The Best Holiday Self-Care Based on Your Enneagram Type

Self-care is the name of the game for 2020, and the need to support your mind, body, and soul goes to a whole new level as we enter the holiday season. As if we weren’t frazzled enough with working from home, social distancing, wearing masks, and rearranging almost all aspects of our lives, now we need to navigate the holiday season where our nerves are frayed even in the best of environments. 

INFJ? These 6 Mistakes are Making You Come Across As Awkward

INFJs are empathetic listeners, with a quiet, mysterious air about them. Sometimes they even appear graceful. But if you’re an INFJ personality type, you’ve probably lost count of the times you've felt like the odd duck out. As an INFJ, I’ve had my share of "out of place" moments, although I don't always recognize them until after they happen. 

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