Q&A: How can my personality type help me choose a career?

Q. Since I graduated from college a few years ago, I've been working in a boring job I don't enjoy. I don't really know where to begin in looking for a new job, but a friend told me that taking a personality assessment could help me find a job I'll like. How do you recommend using personality testing for finding a career?

A. Personality type assessments help you discover who you are. They describe your style in relating to others, processing information, making decisions, and organizing your life. There is an astounding amount of individual difference in what people prefer to do for work, and many of these differences can be explained by personality type.

For instance, a client of mine who is an accountant loves her logical, predictable work environment, where established procedures are followed to the letter and her attention to detail and talent for managing data is well used. This work is perfectly suited to her type, ISTJ. The ISTJ is a practical, detail-oriented, and traditional type of person, someone who appreciates stability and reason.

Contrast this with another client, who is an ENFP, and works as an educator, counselor, and sometime artist. My ENFP client loves a career where she never knows what to expect and can constantly exercise her creativity in an open-ended environment. She loves work that allows her to relate to others personally and emotionally, and where she has a chance to express herself.

Now, can you imagine what would happen if my ENFP client had to become a straightlaced accountant, while my ISTJ client was forced to become a freewheeling counselor/artist? The ENFP would end up feeling completely stifled and uninspired, while the ISTJ would feel stressed and out of control.

Now you have an idea of how critical personality typing type is for your job satisfaction. If you think your personality type might be poorly suited to your job, it's a good time to take the TypeFinder test online. Your detailed report can help you figure out why your current job isn't working for you, and how to choose a job that you love!


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