Lazy Girl Jobs Are Trending - But Are They Right for Your Personality?

The girl boss era is over, and lazy girl jobs are in! Forget hustle culture and boasting about burnout, some Gen Zs are seeking out remote, flexible positions with a solid salary, great benefits—and a minimal workload. 

But lazy girl jobs aren’t for everybody. While some people would love to get paid a lot for doing not very much, others will find the idea absurd. The reason? Different strokes for different folks. While some personalities will love working a high-zen job that lets them focus on their hobbies and personal growth, others will thrive in a fast-paced, competitive environment.

So, here’s a look at whether a lazy girl job would suit your personality. 

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Yes to Lazy Girl Jobs


You’re a creative free-spirit who places great value on your relationships with others. To you, a lazy girl job sounds great. You’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones, and more freedom to do the things that light up your soul–be it painting, cooking or acting.  

But, you also need a specific kind of lazy girl job. Data entry, accounting or any other role that’s impersonal or overly logical will leave you feeling bored and frustrated. Your ideal lazy girl position will allow you to use your natural talents: your warm people skills and creative eye with plenty of spare time for fun and relaxation. 


The autonomy that comes with a lazy girl job is a huge pull for you. You hate workplace bureaucracy and would relish having more time to explore intriguing, off-beat ideas and start new projects. Plus, being able to devise your own schedule is certainly alluring. 

Saying that, lazy girl jobs that involve administration or masses of paperwork will quickly bore you. You’ll need to find a role that involves a degree of creativity to keep you intellectually stimulated. But if there's a type to not tie their whole identity to their job, it's you—which is why a lazy girl job that strips out all the unnecessary work could be perfect.

No to Lazy Girl Jobs


If there’s one thing XNTJs can’t stand, it’s laziness. You’re a naturally motivated, disciplined person. Progress is vital to your sense of fulfillment, and you don’t have much sympathy for people who sidestep their responsibilities and refuse to pull their weight. 

In short, lazy girl jobs are your worst nightmare. After all, why get paid to do nothing when you can use your talents and intelligence to achieve your goals and climb up the career ladder?  


Dutiful to your core, you fundamentally believe that hard work reaps rewards. The idea of coasting through a job is just silly to you. You want to progress in your career, achieve your goals and be noticed for your dedication. 

You’re also a creature of habit, and you love having a set, predictable schedule. Lazy girl jobs, which often involve freelance niches and sporadic work requests, seem chaotic and stressful to you. 

On the Fence


Lazy girl jobs are ideal for you in several ways. You crave autonomy, hate rules and long to dance to the beat of your own drum. You like the idea of being 'neutral' in your job, with a good balance between work and play.

But you also itch for novelty and new experiences. Sitting inside all day and wiggling your mouse so you’re ‘online’ will quickly leave you feeling depleted. If you go for a lazy girl role, you’ll need to find one that lets you work where you want, when you want and without your boss checking up on you. And you’ll have to get your excitement from somewhere, lest you get bored and restless.


If you take a lazy girl job, it’s going to be a strategic move. You feel called to make a difference in the world and help other people on a grand scale. If you’re not already working in a job that ticks those boxes, then a lazy girl job could be the perfect stepping stone. With more time at your disposal, you’ll be able to get clearer on your life’s purpose and start something that matters.

In other words, the decision is less about lazy girl vs girl boss job, and more about which option will help you achieve your true calling. If a lazy girl job is what's needed right now to get you closer to achieving your dreams, then go for it!


You're energized by new ideas and can imagine yourself in a million different careers. So, for a while, a lazy girl job will suit you–especially if it gives you plenty of time to explore your creative passions. 

Word of warning though: once the novelty wears off, you’ll probably find that the monotony and isolation of working remotely takes its toll, and you’ll start yearning to do something that has more human impact. At best, this will be a fun sabbatical from your real career. 


The lazy girl job has got you feeling a bit torn. You love the idea of having more time to spend with your family and friends, and a good salary would give you comfort, knowing you can provide for yourself and the people you care about. 

But you also have traditional values. You believe in working hard and doing your best, and the idea of being ‘lazy’ at work makes you feel a little guilty. For you, it might be better to start a new trend—a regular job that allows for lazy girl days, so you can strike an enjoyable balance between work and life without feeling guilty. 

Hannah Pisani
Hannah Pisani is a freelance writer based in London, England. A type 9 INFP, she is passionate about harnessing the power of personality theory to better understand herself and the people around her - and wants to help others do the same. When she's not writing articles, you'll find her composing songs at the piano, advocating for people with learning difficulties, or at the pub with friends and a bottle (or two) of rose.