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We've launched Truity as a place to discover yourself. As we expand the site, we'll be offering personality tests and quizzes, articles about various subjects in personality and psychology, and polls and surveys that will help us get to know you better.

This site is aimed squarely at the intersection of fun and science. We're probably not going to help you figure out which Kardashian you are. What we will do is help you to explore and understand some of the most interesting findings in modern psychology, and show you how these principles can bring insight to your everyday life.

If you have thoughts on the site and how we can make it better, we'd love it if you'd get in touch.


Truity was founded in 2012 to bring you helpful information and assessments to help you understand yourself and use your strengths. We are based in San Francisco, CA.


NicoNavarro45 says...

I think you should also put information on how environment affect different personality types tick and how they affect their environment. I this websites put quizzes and games that will help different personality types. different games that will bring their potential in different things.

cspdjp says...

New here; where are the links for the tests and quizzes??

Guest (not verified) says...


Guest (not verified) says...

I am a INFJ!

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