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Crystal Spraggins, SPHR is an HR professional and freelance writer with a niche in careers and the workplace.

Crystal has 17 years of experience as an HR generalist helping small- to mid-sized companies develop policies, programs, and procedures that increase profits, maximize efficiency, and enhance positive employee relations. Crystal is a frequent contributor to various workplace-related websites and maintains a personal blog, HR BlogVOCATE.

The 5 Styles of Handling Conflict in the Workplace (And Which Ones Actually Work)

You’ve probably heard that conflict is an unavoidable part of life, and it is.

People are different and want different things at different times. As such, our desires and viewpoints are guaranteed to clash with those of our fellow earthlings from time to time.

Conflict in the workplace is even more of a sure bet, perhaps because work is inherently competitive, and many of us derive a good bit of our sense of self from work.


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